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Office Chair Has Top Speed ​​of 20KM/H: There are many things in the world, which we only used to think about earlier, but today they have become possible. Although there are some things that we had not even imagined, yet they are happening in front of us. There is also a chair in some such things, which can be driven. You must be thinking that why was it necessary?

This time the designers of car maker Volkswagen have created such an office chair, not just a car, but which is not only used to sit or push itself, but it can also be driven. You will be surprised to know that the speed of the chair is 20 km / h.

can drive sitting on a chair
The specialty of this Volkswagen chair is not its waterproof, stainproof or comfortable, but its speed. The person sitting on the chair will get the experience of driving it. The German company itself has told that it can be run at a speed of 20 km / h while sitting on a chair. It doesn’t have any specific purpose, but it is an attempt to give the features of Volkswagen car in the chair. Apart from motor-controlled driving, it also gets seatbest, honks, speakers and small rims.

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getting more
The office chair has a 360 degree sensor, which will save it from fighting. There is also a backup camera and a touchscreen display. The headlights of the chair have been mounted on its armrest. It also gets LED party lights, USB charging and a small pocket for keeping documents. The company logo is also on it. It also has a replaceable battery and once charged, it will be able to run 12 kilometers. At present, the company is not making it to sell, but people have become desperate to buy.

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