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‘Women can be dating jailed prisoners’ website is giving strange offers! -EnglishHindiBlogs-News

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Bizarre Dating Website: You get to hear different types of stories in different parts of the world. There are some things which are difficult to believe once. You must have read or heard about all the schemes being run for the improvement of prisoners in many countries, but a dating website has given them a chance to date to improve the future of jailed prisoners.

Usually the job of a dating website is to match two people whose heart and mind work in the same way. Now a dating site is giving a chance to date female criminals. This is a bit strange to hear, but it is true that a website called “Women Behind Bars” is designed in such a way that it will give people a chance to date female prisoners.

Will be able to stay in a relationship by staying in jail
According to the Mirror report, a website named “Women Behind Bars” has been specially designed in such a way that people will be able to date inmates in jail. The advertisement on behalf of the site states that this platform is a platform to provide emotional and mental support to the prisoners by outsiders, so that there can be a ray of hope for them. According to Mirror, the website says that when prisoners come out of jail, they want to see life in a new way and change their habits. So that they don’t have to go to jail again. Under this facility, the prisoners will neither be allowed to go anywhere nor will there be any physical dating, only they will be allowed to have a relationship through pen pals i.e. letters. The fee for this has also been kept very low.

… there are more weird dating sites
Today’s era is online. Be it material, human being or love-love, everything is available online. In such a situation, there is another strange website that introduces humans to animals. This dating site called “FurryMate” takes the responsibility of introducing humans to the animals they love. On the other hand, some dating sites also introduce people interested in music, funny people, rich and people who are allergic to the same thing.

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