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There are many such things used in common life about which people are not fully aware. In such a situation, people apply its meaning according to their own. Take our clothes only. Do you know why jeans have a small pocket near the front pocket? Or why are the buttons on women’s shirts on the opposite side as compared to men’s? Now when it comes to women’s clothes, do you know what is the full form of bra and what is bra called in Hindi?

Social media platform Quora is such a social site on which common people ask their questions and common people also answer according to their understanding. This platform is good to know the answers to your questions, but all the knowledge you get in the form of answers cannot be correct. Some time ago someone asked people what is the full name of Bra (What is the full name of bra) and through a separate question someone has tried to know what it means in Hindi (Bra name in Hindi). they speak.

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What is the full name of Bra?
Many people have given their own answers to these two questions. Many people answered with wrong knowledge or reasoning whereas many people got the answers right. A person named Raju Munda said- “Bra means that there is a breast rest arrangement and no matter how much emphasis you put, there cannot be a better word than this.” On the other hand, a person named Rajkumar Sharma said that a full form of bra is in vogue which is called breast resting area. Let us tell you that these are full forms created by people themselves. The correct answer has been given by Kiran Kumar Wankhede and Rupali Nair. He wrote- “It is derived from a French word Brassiere (brassière). It was used by the Evening Herald newspaper in New York in 1893. It was widely popularized in 1904 when the DeBevoise Company used it in advertising. After this, in 1907, Vogue magazine printed the word ‘brassiere’ for the first time and since then this word became popular. After a few years it was edited by the Oxford English Dictionary. We do not confirm the correctness of the historical angle in this answer, but it is correct that Bra is the short form of the French word.

What is bra called in Hindi?
Let us now know what the people answered on this question. What is the Hindi word for bra? Many people have given answers according to their own, but the answer of a person named Brajesh Kumar Dwivedi seems to be the most accurate. He said- “By the way, the word bra has now become stereotyped in Hindi as well and it behaves exactly like the Hindi word, but in Hindi it is also called Vakshavrut, Vakshopavastra, Kuch Vastra, and Kuchagranivi.” Whereas Ramesh Chandra Varshney said- “Choli, Kuchbandhan, Kanchuki.” Many people have also used the word Sinaband.

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