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Web Series Review: Miss Marvel

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Marvel Studios’ new web series ‘Miss Marvel’ has been released on June 8 on the OTT platform Disney + Hotstar. Ever since this series was announced, it has been in the news for many reasons. For the first time, a South-Asian Muslim superhero has entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The series is based on the 2013 Marvel comic book. Two things are clear from this series. The first is that Marvel is now trying to connect people living in different parts of the world. At least they are symbolically including him in their films and series. The second is an attempt to start such a fandom with ‘Miss Marvel’, which will connect new audiences especially school-college students. In a way, after Spider-Man, Marvel has prepared another new option for this audience. The superhero of the story is Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), a teenage girl. She studies in high school. She herself is also a fan of superheroes. But he also has a super power.

Story of ‘Miss Marvel’
Kamala Khan lives in New Jersey with her family. There is a Muslim family, so she is struggling with her religious identity. A teenage girl’s struggle is different from that of her parents. Kamala is a fan of Captain Marvel of Avengers. She wants to be a part of the AvengerCon program, which is a kind of festival. But Kamala fears that her parents will not be ready for her. Kamala has to do something different. She considers herself different and feels that she is not born just to study and stay at home. Then a big change takes place in his life. He gets superpowers. Mother Mubina (Zenobia Shroff) and father Yusuf (Mohan Kapoor) are worried about their daughter. Mother Mubeena does not want her daughter to attend AvengerCon, as the so-called Bad Boys go there. This is a problem that we can all relate to. Kamala has a brother Aamir (Saagar Shaikh) who supports her. There is a friend Bruno, who is a bit bold. Well, Kamala Khan sneaks out of the house with the help of her friend Bruno. But from here his life also changes.

‘Miss Marvel’ review
It can be a spoiler to tell what superpowers Kamala Khan gets and how she gets it. So to quench this curiosity, it would be better if you watch the series. In the first two episodes we were shown for the review of this series, Iman Vellani has done a heart-wrenching job. It is different from any film or series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far. Because it has been given full screen time to show things related to religion and culture along with superheroic action. Teenage viewers will connect with Kamala Khan instantly. Iman Vellani looks like you in the lead role. Just like living in the neighbourhood. She has a different kind of energy and she proves to be the life of the show.

Kamala Khan is that school-college girl who takes care of her friends. Seeing Iman Vellani in this role, you will say that perhaps no one can play this character better than him. Seeing him makes you feel like Peter Parker. Zenobia Shroff and Mohan Kapoor also look great on screen. Matt Lintz has played the role of Bruno in an excellent manner in the character of Kamala’s friends. Her chemistry with Iman Vellani looks absolutely natural. Yasmin Fletcher in the role of Nakia, Rishi Shah in the role of Kamran will definitely leave an impression on the audience.

Watch the trailer of ‘Miss Marvel’ here

The creator of the ‘Miss Marvel’ series, Bisha K. is Ali. The series consists of six episodes, directed by Adil El Arabi, Bilal Falah and Mira Menon. Special care has been taken of graphics and colors in the series. A teenage girl, who is a fan of Avengers and Superheroes, wants or imagines it to be like the world of Avengers, beautifully depicted through colors and graphics. This series binds you only with the voiceover of Iman Vellani in its opening sequence. There are many such scenes in the first two episodes of the series, which stay with you. Along with the visuals, the background score of the series is also its life.

Apparently in the six-episode story, the excitement about ‘Miss Marvel’ increases after watching the first two episodes. You want to know what is going to happen next, what is Kamala Khan going to do next with her superpowers. If you have seen series like Marvel’s ‘Wanda Vision’ and ‘Moon Knight’ released in the past, then believe me, this series is also going to proceed in the same way, in which it is difficult to guess its climax from now on.



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