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Video: The girl jumped and jumped, a beautiful painting of a horse was made on the canvas

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Unique Painting Skills: Those who are fond of painting, they know that how to use colors properly and properly puts a great picture in front. Although you must not have seen such an artist, from whose hands even the splashes of color make beautiful masterpieces. At present, a video of such a female painter is going viral on social media (Artist Painted Horse in a Unique Way), which people are very fond of.

Every artist has a different approach to his art. He wants to groom her in his own way. Some take many days to make a painting, while some make a beautiful painting in a playful manner. The female artist who is going viral makes such a beautiful picture on the canvas by tossing the paint that the onlookers do not believe it.

painting made in a strange style
In the video going viral, a female painter brings color to a bowl and throws it on the canvas. Then she darkens the entire canvas with a brush. Then she brings white color on it and throws it in the same way. After this the painting starts and in a few seconds a beautiful painting of a gray colored horse is made on the canvas board. After all, the way she finishes the painting is also a unique style in itself.

Millions of people watched the video
This video is just 31 seconds, seeing which you will be mesmerized. It has been shared on the microblogging platform Twitter with the ID name Tansu YEĞEN and the caption has been written – Paint splatters become a wonderful art in the hands of this painter. More than 2 lakh 55 thousand people have watched the video so far and people have also praised the artist through comments.

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