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Video: The bride wore a garland to the groom in anger, people said – sister-in-law does not like sister-in-law

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In the season of marriage, people make a lot of videos and also share it on social media. Some of these videos are fun (Funny Wedding Video) and some are such, which you remember. One such video is becoming increasingly viral at the moment, in which the bride (Angry bride wedding video) is putting a garland around her groom’s neck in such a way that the guests must have been thinking instead of applauding.

Usually, Jaymala is the scene in any wedding, when the focus of the camera is on the bride and groom, from all the guests. If anyone does something upside down during this time, then it becomes a lifetime memory for the guests to the couple themselves. In this video too, when the anger of the bride appeared during Jayamala, people were surprised.

Angry bride wore jaimala
Usually, while wearing a jaimala, you must have seen the bride either smiling or she looks a little shy. Some brides are also bindas but this bride was in a different mood. In the video that is going viral, the bride takes Jaimala in her hands in anger and sweeps it and puts it around the groom’s neck in a very strange way. However, there is no reaction from the groom’s side in this entire video.

the public had a lot of fun
The video has been shared on Instagram with an account named priyajatav360. Seeing this style of angry bride, people are enjoying a lot. The video has been viewed more than 3.5 lakh times so far, while it has been liked by more than 23 thousand people. There is no dearth of commenters on this. One user wrote – Didi looks very angry. At the same time, another user has called it a forced marriage.

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