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It is said that when a person gets old, his childhood wakes up once again. In a way children and old people are same. The childishness of both does not stop. Such childishness awakened in the heart of a grandmother, so she went straight to the park to swing on the swing. But having fun on a swing became a punishment for them and the people who saw their condition after falling face down could not stop themselves from laughing.

In the video shared on Instagram by akshitkumar090, when the child in the grandmother’s heart woke up, he climbed on the swing to enjoy. But seeing the condition of grandmother as soon as she got down from the swing, everyone would be in awe. The funny thing is that grandmother herself started laughing at her huge insult. The video got more than 60,000 likes.

Grandmother’s happiness told that ‘Dil toh bachcha hai ji’
When grandmother’s childhood woke up wearing saree, she got into the mood of having fun and climbed the high slide straight after reaching the park. The matter was fine till climbing. But as soon as Dadi reached the bottom by sliding down the slide, as soon as she touched the ground, her balance deteriorated in such a way that she fell flat on her face. Then the onlookers burst out laughing in such a way that everyone burst out laughing. The funniest scene in the video was when as soon as she came down from the slide, the grandmother who was full of food kept sitting there and herself laughed out loud at her childishness.

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