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People like to watch videos related to wild animals on social media platforms. The world related to wildlife is such that it always attracts people towards itself. In them too, if the video is of a child of an elephant, then it becomes fun. The cute antics of the baby elephant always win the hearts of the people. They do such stupid and innocuous acts which people love to see.

In the video shared on Instagram todayyearsold, the baby elephant climbed on its trunk while running fast. Then in an ouch manner, he started expressing regret by shrinking the trunk. The video is very funny and cute. The video has got more than 2 lakh views in just 1 day.

It ran so that the baby elephant climbed on its trunk
Very cute video of elephant baby is going viral. In which he is seen doing mischief and idiots as usual. But this time something happened in the video which would have rarely happened to any elephant. Nor would such a video have ever been seen that an elephant climbs on its own trunk. But baby elephants can do anything. It will be clearly seen in the video that first the baby elephant drinks water at the hands of its caretaker, and then gallops so fast that it becomes uncontrollable while running and sets foot on its own trunk. As soon as he kept his feet, he probably realized his weight and the poor trunk groaned in pain.

The elephant’s baby groaned in pain as soon as it fell on the trunk
As soon as the elephant’s leg fell on the trunk, it jerked out the trunk and appeared to be shrugging and expressing regret. Seeing the face, it seemed as if he was saying ‘ouch’ by moaning in pain. Some people and elephants are also seen around in the video, among which the poor baby elephant got insulted. Which he also did not like. So there was a look of annoyance on his face. Video people found it very cute Funny video has got more than 2 lakh likes in 1 day itself.

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