Uncle exposes food vloggers on camera, explains YouTube’s math in video – viral video of old man explaining everything about food vloggers gone viral on social media -EnglishHindiBlogs-News

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Viral Video Of Old Man: There is no dearth of content on social media these days. Even with a small video, people become so famous overnight that their earnings increase hundreds of thousands of times. We also come across many such videos on the internet every day. Especially talking about videos related to food and drink, both vendors and bloggers benefit from it. At present, the video of one such vendor is going viral, who is explaining the maths of profit, not food.

The controversies that happen many times in the videos of food bloggers and vendors must have caught your attention. For example, the controversy over Baba’s Dhaba was in the headlines. In one such video, an old man standing on a cart is talking to a food blogger saying that he will earn thousands and lakhs from one of his videos. In such a situation, people are calling uncle smart.

Uncle explained the whole math of youtuber
In the viral video, the food blogger is probably talking to the uncle standing on the handcart to do a shoot. Meanwhile, uncle gets enraged by his words and starts telling how he is going to earn money by getting him to shoot for free. They want to make a money deal with him, but the blogger is getting ready to give them only 100 rupees. Uncle’s ‘I know everything’ attitude is very much liked by the people and people are getting amazed at his knowledge. You must also see and hear his style.

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