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Top 5 Best Blogging ideas for beginners in 2022

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blogging ideas for beginners in hindi 2022
blogging ideas for beginners in 2022

Blogging Ideas for Beginners, 5 Best Tips to Get Blogging Ideas For Your Blog Blogging Ideas, Blogging Ideas for Beginners, Blogging Ideas in English, Blogging Tips in 2022, Top 5 Best Blogging Ideas for Beginners in 2022, Often new bloggers have to face this problem at some point of time that for a few days after starting blogging, they have topics to work on, because in the beginning the enthusiasm is very high, due to which there is no problem in writing some articles. does not come

But with the passage of time but the problem comes when they do not have any topic, when they have written all the articles, then they reduce the frequency of writing or stop writing at all.

And one more thing on this that in the beginning the traffic does not come to the blog, then due to these two things together, the motivation of any new blogger starts decreasing gradually and eventually they leave blogging.

Hello friends, welcome to our blog english hindi blogs, today we are going to talk about blog topic ideas… how you can bring new ideas to write your blog articles. ? How to be regular on your blog? And how can we maintain the consistency? I hope you will like it.

Where to get blogging ideas? ,

in today’s time blogging Online is a very good medium to earn money and many people start blogging that’s why, if statistics are to be believed then the number of people who do any work in the beginning remains very high, but as time passes people Can not do that low with full morale.

And in the end most of the people get away from that work, it is the same with blogging, in this there are more than 95% of people who leave blogging for some reason or the other.

There can be many reasons behind this, but the biggest reason among them is the absence of a topic to write an article and this problem definitely comes with most of the new bloggers.

Often bloggers always have a problem with blogging ideas, where to get the topic for their blog, and most people leave blogging because they do not have enough topics and content.

But let us talk on this topic, first of all you have to decide yourself under which strategy you have to work, if you always have this problem regarding Blogging Ideas, then keep these things in mind.

Deside Your Niche (Category)/Select the category of your blog –

blogging ideas for beginners in hindi 2022
blogging ideas for beginners in 2022

Whichever category or micro niche your blog is in, first decide what kind of content you want to give or teach people on the blog, first of all it is important to clear this thing, so that you are different from your content. Don’t be

It is important to decide the niche for your blog, you can also choose more than one niche, in the beginning, do it and once a little traffic starts coming to your blog and income starts coming from it, then your blog as you want. can drive.

Once the niche is decided, blogging ideas start coming in mind for many articles related to it, which can help for the beginning and usually the number of such articles is less.

It is not necessary that an article should be written on the same topic, you can work on more than one Niche, in blogging you can still write article on more than one Niche.

Read the content related to your topic for lots of Blogging Ideas –

blogging ideas for beginners 3

Start reading as much as you can about any subject you are interested in or the topic in which you like to write.

Not only this, if you have a desire to start a blog after a few months, then it is even more important to start learning things about that topic today and from now on.

It will not only benefit in writing a better article but also save valuable time while writing a blog, because whatever we already know about it, it is very easy to explain it by writing or through video and we can do better. able to explain.

To learn the things you like, definitely check out the content related to your topic on Other Websites, Quora, Facebook, Instagram, Shabd.in, Vocal.in, YouTube, Forums, which will start giving you new ideas.

Note Your Ideas / Write your blogging ideas –

Once you have an idea about a blog post in your mind, do not forget to note it, to become a successful blogger, you should never make this mistake.

Often new blogging ideas keep coming to our mind, if any topic related to your blog has come to your mind, then at the same time, whether in diary or in your smartphone, definitely note it down.

If there is a line related to it in your mind, then write it too, if you leave this work to do later, then remember that you cannot bring it back in your mind.

Because these activities go on continuously in our subconscious mind, then next time only new thoughts will come in your mind, not the previous ones.

It is not that when you sit to write articles in part time, then at that time you will easily write articles, not only blogging, you will have to focus 100% on it for all the work, only then you can be successful in that.

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Remember, money can be earned from anything only when you have mastered that particular field, because after learning the work is easy, it also takes the mind, which is necessary for success in blogging.

Follow other websites for current topics Follow other websites for new topics –

If you are working on a niche related to a job or plan, then definitely follow some such website which gives quick updates in your niche, this will save you the time of visiting many types of websites, which can be used to write good content. Is.

Use “Google Alert”, Use “Google Alert” –

This is a great feature for people working on Job, Yojana and News website, which is a tool of Google and it is available for free.

Not only will you not only get quick information about any updates related to Blogging Ideas but also you will be able to take fast action to write articles on that topic.

Follow these steps to use Google Alert-

  1. First of all, search ‘Google Alert’ in any of your browser.
  2. After this go to the website of google.co.in/alerts, now you will go to the page of google alerts.
  3. Here in the search box given on this page, search according to your category, like – plan, smartphone, launch, scheme, news can add anything.
  4. After that click on ‘Create Alert’ or ‘Create Alert’ button.
  5. Now your alert is set up, keep in mind that the email id that you have logged in at this time will get emails on the same id, which email you have logged in with is visible on the top right side.
  6. According to the language, you can get notifications in either Hindi or English, or you can set alerts in both the languages.

How to write regular content? ,

Whether it is blog/website, youtube or any social media, it is very important to be regular in all the places, people miss it even knowing this, it is very important thing in your growing, so make your consistency To keep these things in mind, you can definitely keep in mind.

Write down your blogging ideas and order them according to the need –

A blogger should have a topic to write content for about a month and try to write 4-5 articles in advance.

This is because in the article we write, many mistakes are not visible in it at the same time, after a day when you read it again, you will be able to understand the mistakes made in it easily.

Write the article you want to publish after a few days, keep it ready by writing it in advance, and not on the day you want to publish it.

Similarly, organize your idea according to an ordered list so that the first article can be written on the important keyword.

If you have a news website, then there is no such rule for it, but if you have any tutorial or such content which is not in a hurry to publish, then you can write it in advance.

Do Bulk Keyword Research –

It is better to devote time to keyword research everyday, that you do keyword research for many articles in a single day, if you have more than one blog, then do keyword research of one blog in bulk at a time.

Summary of the article –

So friends Article Kaise Likhe How about this article to you, if you have any other question or suggestion related to this topic, then do not forget to tell us through comment, thank you.

About The Author –

Hello Friends, My name is saurabh kumar, I am a social media content creator and TechEnter.in I am the founder of this blog, on this blog you will get to see information related to technology, tips and tricks, planning, ways to earn money, lifestyle and many more topics, visit our blog to learn something new everyday, I hope this Will definitely add some value to your life.


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