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A panacea to avoid heatstroke. Top 10 Tips For Heat Stroke In India

Top 10 Tips For Heat Stroke In India : As the heat, sun and lu To avoid this, you make all kinds of efforts. Despite this, if you get a heat stroke or if the heat in the body increases, then you will feel sick. In such a situation, to avoid the heat, you should try these important measures.

A panacea to avoid heatstroke. Top 10 Tips For Heat Stroke In India

Tips For Heat Stroke
Tips For Heat Stroke In India
  • Do not expose your body to the sun. If it is very necessary, then you must cover your head before going out in the sun.
  • Do not sit in a cold or hot place suddenly after coming from the sun. Especially do not go out in the sun immediately after sitting in the AC. Eat raw onion daily. Keep a small onion in the pocket before going out in the sun. It does not allow the body to feel hot and absorbs all the heat itself.
  • Drink more and more water in summers. Due to which the body temperature can be determined regularly by sweating. Do not let the body lack water. In extreme heat, drink seasonal fruits, fruit juice, curd-whey, jaljeera, lassi, mango juice, eat raw mango chutney.
  • Avoid home remedies for heatstroke. Immediately see the concerned doctor. Even after doing some first aid before seeing the doctor, the patient of heat starts feeling relieved.
  • Fever In case of exacerbation, the patient should be taken to rest in cool open air. If fever is more than 104 degrees, an ice bandage should be placed on the patient’s head.
  • In case of heatstroke, the patient should be given onion juice mixed with honey immediately. The patient’s body should be wiped with a wet towel four to five times a day. Consumption of hot drinks like tea, coffee etc. should be effectively stopped.
  • To quench thirst, an earthen pitcher or a jug of water should be consumed with lemon juice. Ice water should not be given because it will cause harm instead of benefit.
  • In case of heatstroke, eating raw mango i.e. Carrie is very beneficial. Roast raw mangoes on hot ash in a coal on low flame. When it cools down, take out its pulp (pulp) and mix it with water and mash it. Pana should be made by adding cumin, ground coriander, sugar, salt, black pepper to it. Giving water to a sick person in a short time gives quick relief.
  • Mixing barley flour and ground onion and applying it on the body gives instant relief from heat stroke. When the patient is taken out, in his ears rose water Mix it with cotton swabs. Put salt standing on the navel of the patient and pour water on it by tying a torrent. All the heat of the patient will be lost.
  • Rub a raw gourd on the soles of the patient. Gourd will draw out the heat of the soles and give instant relief. If the gourd is crushed, then understand that the heat of heat is coming down. Do this process over and over again.

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