Top 10 Starting a Small Online Business idea in 2023

Hi friends, starting a small online business with an idea is not an easy task. Let me tell you a short story, When I was in the 10th standard something terrible happened inside our house. My dad was a small tire remolding business owner. He was barely able to fulfill my mom’s household requirements.

One day he went to the bank and took a $10,000 loan for 5 years. Time passed by but he was unable to pay that loan and he got bankrupt, one-day bank officials came to our house and they took my dad’s scooter and house. In just one day our life changed and from being and house owner my dad went to a street site living person. That day I decided to fulfill my personal needs by myself.

One day while searching on youtube I saw a video titled which was Top 10 starting a small online business ideas in 2023 for Beginners. Then I researched their lot, some of them were crap but 10 ideas out of them worked best for me and I took my family bank from being bankrupt to a millionaire. So, what are those businesses, and how can you do the same, let’s check all the important pointers given below

Top 10 Starting a Small Online Business idea in 2023
top 10 Starting a Small Online Business idea in 2023

starting a small online business ideas in 2023-24

1. Start a Niche-Based Blog and Monetize it In 21 Ways

Friends who don’t know what a blog is then let me explain, Blog is nothing but the Sharing of Personal, Social, or Global thoughts in form of written content on a particular website that belongs to us or others, This simplest Definition of blogging that anybody has ever written.

How much can you earn?

You can earn From $100 to $800 per month by putting in consistent efforts for less than 6 consecutive months.

How To learn Blogging?

You can watch Blogging Khabari and Learn And Earn with Pavan Agarwal’s Youtube Channel where you will get in-depth knowledge about blogging. This channel is nothing but Gita and Bible for the blogging community.

21 Ways to Earn Real Money With Blogging is given below

1. Adsense 2. Blog tank 3. Backlink 4. Website Designing 5. Content writing 6. SEO Services. 7. Guest posted 8. graphics Designing 9. Web Story Making 10. Replying to comment 11. Selling Adsense 12. Facebook page and groups 13. Affiliate 14. Selling a blog 15. Direct ads 16. Refer and earn 17. Selling Hosting 18. Viral Script 19. Selling e-book 20. Selling Course 21. Create Plugins and tools.

Earning Potential – From $100 to $500k in less than 3 years.

2. Make Up to 50% commission with affiliate marketing

Friends Many of You may Have heard this word but maybe don’t know enough about affiliate marketing then this topic is for you. Let me explain it to you by giving an example, suppose you are using PAYPAL or PAYTM application. In your profile section, you will get your referral link to share that application with others. If that person downloads the application using your referral link, you get paid a commission.

Here you don’t have a product or investment but still, you made money just by sharing that product with others. So Paypal or Paytm is a product, referral links are an affiliate program and the money you have generated throughout this process is called affiliate income.

A few examples of popular affiliate platforms are given below

  1. Clickbank
  2. JVZOO

How much can you earn?

Here you can make from $10 to $1000 from a single product selling

How to learn affiliate marketing?

Santrel Media and Ahrefs are YouTube channels to learn about Affiliate marketing

3. Set up an E-com Site with Shopify or Other

Friends You may have heard about amazon, Alibaba, Zelingo, and LVMH Website. Here these websites sell many products which are in high demand. These companies do not own that product… they just built a platform and invited local sellers to connect with global consumers for better product visibility. After selling each product these companies make some commissions, similarly if you create a Shopify store and make a website around a single product let’s say smartwatch.

Here you need to create an inventory using that product affiliate link for those people who will purchase that product from your website and you will get paid. You can build your website authority in that particular domain with respect to time. Once your website is established as a brand you can make unlimited money through multiple monetization methods.

How much can you earn?

From $100 to $1 million in less than 18 months

How To Learn E-com store building?

Visit Learn with Shopify  and  Website Learners YouTube channel for detailed info

4. Start Writing And Publish A Book

Friends nowadays you have seen many successful people are habitual towards reading books. They spend at least 20 minutes every day reading books. Because books are not just pieces of content but the philosophy and lifelong learnings of that particular author. To gain that knowledge the author had spent 30-40 years of his life, but we can gain that same knowledge by reading that book for less than a week. So Nowadays people are bookaholics and if you want to benefit from this trend then this business idea is for you.

Start writing a book based on your knowledge and experience. Make a digital copy or pdf of the book and put it for sale on amazon kindle. Here you can make unlimited money. Robert Kiyosaki who is the Author of the world best selling book called rich dad and poor dad made more than $25 million just by selling a single book.

How much can you earn?

$1000 to $Infinity based on the quality of content.

How To Learn Book writing and publication?

Visit the Self Publishing School and Reedsy Blog YouTube channel for more information

5. Create a Course and sell it Digitally

Friends Due to lockdown and other reasons many people lost their jobs and got unemployed. Schools were closed. The whole world was shut down except for one, Social media and the Internet. Many people started monetizing their skills by sharing them through social media. After building a community they started launching their own merchandise. For eg, THEROCK, who has more than 336 million followers on Instagram, launched his own brand called tequila. He made millions of dollars in sales. Same way Find out your skills and monetize them by using social media.

How much can I earn?

From $100 to $10,000 per month

How To learn Corse selling?

Visit Learn Worlds and kajabi youtube channel for more information

6. Start a YouTube Channel

Friends as we know youtube started on 14 Feb 2005. Right now, more than 70 million people are creating content on this platform. Google generated more than $35 Billion just through advertising. Which is a 55% amount Distributed to creators. From this, you can predict how much money an average YouTuber makes. If you have a smartphone, internet, and Niche based idea then this is the right time to start your youtube journey.

How much can you earn?

From $100 to $7 million per month in less than 3 years.

How To Learn You tube?

Visit  Nick Nimmin  and Ali Abdal youtube channel for more information

7. Convert Ideas into Applications

You may think about many ideas in your brain but you end up forgetting those ideas. But there are many other people who do the same, Problem is they don’t know how to Convert their idea into real-life applications by using web development. If you have these skills then you can build the next google and youtube.

How much can you earn?

From $100 to $1500 per application

How To learn web development?

Visit Edureka and coder’s youtube channel for more information

8. Become a pro in Facebook advertising

Friends, due to the lockdown, many offline businesses got shut down but amazon and Alibaba were still in service because they are operating online. Similarly, you can help brands build a global presence through Facebook advertising.

How much can you earn?

From $300 to $10,000 per day

How To learn Facebook advertising?

Visit Andrew Ethan Zeng and Dylan ponder youtube channel for more information

9. Become a Master of SEO

If you are new to hearing this then Skip this business idea. Because it takes years for becoming SEO Expert.

How much can you earn?

$250 to $700 per hour

How To Master SEO?

Visit Ahrefs and Semrush YouTube channel for more information

10. Become A Content Creator

Friends Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and tik tok are some of the most popular social media platforms for today’s generation. Creators are making thousands to millions from product promotions and branding. You can do the same by starting your own personal branding on these platforms.

How much can I earn?

$500 to $5,500 per Promotional branding.

How To Learn About Content Creation?

Visit Later: The All-In-One Social Marketing Platform and Riis youtube channel for more information.

People also ask

Top 10 Starting a Small Online Business idea in 2023

1. Start a Niche-Based Blog
affiliate marketing
E-com Site with Shopify
Writing And Publish A Book
Create a Course and sell
Start a YouTube Channel
Convert Ideas into Applications
Become a pro in Facebook advertising
Become a Master of SEO
Become A Content Creator

What is a virtual business called?

In contrast to a traditional brick and mortar business, which relies on in-person transactions involving actual documents, physical currency, or physical credit, a virtual business (short: virtubis) uses electronic means to do business.


So friends, above I have given you detailed information about the Top 10 Starting a Small Online Business idea in 2023 and also told you about the features and prices of all.

If you are a beginner and you are Start a Online Business, Affiliate Marketing will be best for you. Because it will also come in your plan and you also get a lot of convenience in it.I hope you liked this article.

If you have any questions related to this article, then you must tell us by writing in the comment below, we will try our best to answer your questions.

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