Top 10 Online Earning Website Without Investment in 2023

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Friends, as we know Online Earning Website Without Investment is not an easy task, many of you have tried this in past but maybe you didn’t get succeed in that, There are so many so-called make money online gurus who suggest multiple ways of making money online, but the harsh fact is non of them work for anyone, but… but here is the thing, You don’t need to worry about money from now onwards.

because finally, your wait is over, In this Article, I will going to reveal details of some secret websites where you can make thousands of dollars for free, Without any further due let’s see what are those top 10 “Online Earning Website Without Investment” in 2023. Read it carefully and thank me later…

Online Earning Website Without Investment


Friends I have an old relationship with this website, because in my struggling period when I was looking to make money online website like yours was the website I fell in love with. Here all you need to do is visit this website and register yourself with a valid email id. After registration this website will send you an apk file just click on it and it will gets download automatically.

Here is a 3d cartoon video that will run. This application has inbuilt audio software so all you need to do is give a voice over to this video after 15 minutes this video will auto stop and your voice recording will get stored in their database. Here you can withdraw your earned money easily through Paypal. Friends, the only problem is that you will not get these videos on frequently.

But it pays $10 -$15 for 15 minutes recording which is good enough for your pocket money. If these websites don’t send you videos on frequent basis, no worries, we have many online earning website suggestions for you, let’s check them

2. Branded Surveys

You have heard about many paid survey sites, there are thousands of paid survey sites that pay for feeling subway forms. But the fact is most of them are fake. But no need to worry, I know one genuine site which pays real money for your hard work. The name of the site is Branded surveys. Here all you need to do is answer questions.

And you can do this simple work while sleeping on the bed, partying with your friends, Travelling somewhere or even in the washroom you can do this work with so much ease. The only problem here is it didn’t pay you money in dollars but in points, First, you need to collect 500 points then you can convert them into your respective currencies. This website is only accessible in the USA and Canada, if you are living outside make sure to use VPN while navigating through it.

3. Cambly

You may have heard about this website in the past. This website pays to talk with strangers in English. Let’s suppose you are from the USA and you have knowledge of English or another regional language of yours, all you need to do is register yourself on cambly and start talking with a person who wants to learn English or Your original language. Cambly pays $10 – $15 each hour which is a good amount for pocket money. You can withdraw this amount with Paypal. Friends here, you may have realized how important to have a Paypal account. In case you don’t have one, make sure to get one as soon as possible.

4. You Speak We Pay

This is a very interesting website. You may have seen many Chinese movies dubbed in the English language. The cost of hiring a dubbing artist is very high that’s why many times these companies like to use AI voice narrators. So here you have to do the same work. Here you need to read their articles, dialogues, and poems in your own voice and need to record them This website will use your voice for AI voice improvement. You will get paid through Paytm for each task. If you want to improve your voice tonality then this is something that you would like to try once.

5. Amazon Mechanical Turk

As we know amazon is the biggest Online shopping site in the USA. But they have other software companies. Amazon Mechanical Turk is one of their software companies where you need to register yourself first. Your task will be Doing surveys of different sites, Testing different video games, and giving genuine feedback on the basis of your Practical experience, if you can do this much work then this website is for you.

6. User testing

As its name suggests, this website works with different developers who constantly build service-based software and websites. If you register here, then they will redirect you to other websites where you need to review some of their websites and share your real-time feedback through voice or in written format with developers. On the basis of your feedback, developers will try to improve their site’s user experience and will get paid for that. Their withdrawal system is so easy that you will easily get your money in your PayPal account.

7. Foap

If you are a selfie lover or like to click photos of things around you, then friend this website is for you. Here all you need to do is register yourself and then upload your gallery images to the site. Here those people who will like your photos can buy them at a respectable price, this website takes 50% money for providing you with a platform and free marketing service. Here, instead of getting frustrated by your storage problem, you can get paid by cleaning your gallery with Foap. Interesting right?


If you have a good intellectual mind with an excellent academic score then this is something that you would like to try. Chegg, com is somewhere similar to here you will get so many academic-related questions that you have to answer on this platform. If people find your answer helpful and relatable then you will get paid for it. their payment method is very easy. If you get the opportunity through a Chegg partner program then you can easily make $1000 to $1500 per month.


If you have a good command of English then is your workspace. Here you need to work under three circumstances which are Audio and video transcription – Here you get paid $1.50 for converting each audio and video into text with 99% accuracy.

English closed captions – Let’s suppose somebody has posted a video in the Hindi language and it’s relevant for people from the USA, then you need to translate this Hindi video into English with 99% accuracy. for this task, you will get paid $1.50 per minute.

Global Translated subtitles – Translated on-screen subtitles with 99% accuracy, for this task you will get paid $5-10 per minute.

10. YouTube

YouTube is one of the most famous platforms for earning money by sitting comfortably at home. Here you need to have a smartphone with good camera quality, internet, and a Youtube account. Start making videos on any topic, and share them with your loved ones. Once you complete 4 thousand watch hours and one thousand subscribers you can easily make $10 – $15 per 1000 views.

That’s it for today’s friends, if you like this info make sure to read our other articles also because we always believe in providing value. Thanks for reading, see you in the next one.

People also ask

Which website is best for earning money without investment?

If you want to make quick bucks without putting effort then that will be hard for making real money, But if you are ready to put your heart and soul then youtube will be the best option for you.

How can I get 1000 rupees fast?

If you want to make your first 1000 rupees then start sharing your phone pay and Gpay link with others. you will get 149 rs for each referral. If you refer your link to five people then you can easily make 1000 rs.

How can I earn daily income?

To make money on a daily basis you need to build an income source that can give you income on a consistent basis.


So friends, above I have given you detailed information about the Top 10 Online Earning Website Without Investment in 2023 and also told you about the features and prices of all.

If you are a beginner and you are Earn From online, YouTube will be best for you. Because it will also come in your Time and you also get a lot of convenience in it.

I hope you liked this article. If you have any questions related to this article, then you must tell us by writing in the comment below, we will try our best to answer your questions.

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