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In an agricultural country like India, today the agriculture sector is seen as a very low income sector. People feel that they will not get a job in this sector and even if they get a job, they will not get as much salary as they get in other sectors. However, this is not at all the case. If you think like this and because of this thinking you are not looking for your career in this field then it is your biggest mistake. So, today we tell you about such jobs in the agriculture sector, through which you can earn a lot of money.

Can become NABARD Grade Officer

NABARD Grade Officer job is a government job. Officer is attached to the post, so you must have understood that it is an officer rank job. If you want to go in agriculture sector then this job is best for you. In this, you get a salary of 30 to 56 thousand rupees every month. Every person who is graduate or post graduate from a recognized college can apply for this post. Just keep one thing in mind that if you come from general category, then you must have done graduation or post graduation with at least 60 percent marks.

can become a biochemist

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If you want to do something different in the agriculture sector, then you can become a biochemist. Biochemist gets good salary. If you want to know about the work of a biochemist, then let us tell you that your work in this will be to develop work in the field of horticulture. Along with this, the biochemist manufactures such chemicals by which there is better progress in the yield of the farmers.

can become a food scientist

You know what the job of a food scientist is. Actually, every day you buy some or the other food item from the market, behind it some data is written and research is published. These data and research are prepared by food scientists only. This tells that the thing you are eating, the quantity of that thing, which chemical is there and which thing is good for you and how bad it is.

Can become an agricultural economist

You must have heard many economists discussing the economy and economic condition of the country. But do you know that only an agricultural economist can tell the economy related to agriculture in a better way. An agricultural economist earns good money every month. Indeed, an agricultural economist applies microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts and principles to understand economic decisions, as well as analyze economic data to find and determine trends in economic activity.

can become agriculture engineer

By becoming an agricultural engineer, you can easily earn 40 to 50 thousand rupees every month. The job of an agricultural engineer is to design new equipment and machinery and improve existing farming methods using computer aided technology. Along with this, agricultural engineers assess the effect of existing processes on crops and the surrounding environment, along with advising people about land use.

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