The woman took stunning pictures of Snow Leopard after crossing the mountainous road of 165 km, told the prize to the photos! -EnglishHindiBlogs-News

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About 9 species of leopard are present in the world, these creatures are very beautiful and skilled hunters. According to the report of the AZ Animals website, the leopard population in the world is about two and a half million, but out of these, the snow leopard i.e. the species of snow leopards is on the verge of extinction. According to the IUCN Red List, their total population is less than 10,000, while according to the WWF report, their population is between 4 thousand and 6 thousand. Snow Leopard is found in the mountainous areas of Central and South Asia. They are in large numbers in the Himalayas, but even then they are not easily visible. Very few photographers or climbers can see it. Recently, an American photographer Snow Leopard photo has taken very beautiful and surprising pictures of this creature which are becoming viral on social media. (Photo: girlcreature/Instagram)