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Wife of 5 Men Fell In Love With Another Man: Marriage happens once and it proves to be very difficult for people to handle the same. Although you still hear about many such people in the world, who do many marriages together. Some have 8-9 wives, some have married 80 times in life. Today we will tell you a story different from these, in which a woman married and left men one after the other.

In the society we live in, marriage is considered a birth-birth relationship. Once this bond is attached, then the person makes every effort that it is not broken. Although the woman we are talking about already had 5 husbands, from whom she never divorced and then she fell in love with the 6th man whom she met during her treatment in the hospital. This story of Ishqbaaz woman is very interesting.

husband changed like clothes
According to the report of The Sun, 43-year-old Emily first married Paul Rigby in the year 1996 at the age of 18. It lasted for 3 months and then she married Sean Cunningham after 3 years. Soon she also left her second husband for her friend Simon Thorpe and became engaged to Thorpe. After this she also married Chris Barrett and James Matthews. As soon as Matthew came to know that she was cheating on him and living with his own friend, he complained to the police and Emily was jailed for 6 months. However, after coming out of jail, he married Ashley Baker for the fifth time.

Sixth man implicated after 5 husbands
Emily’s scandal was exposed when she met a man named Wayne in the hospital. Wayne liked Emily and was ready to support her even after talking about 5 husbands. This relationship lasted for 18 months and Emily lived with Wayne. Wayne told that he caught Emily cheating and removed her from his life completely. Interestingly, Emily did 5 marriages and never divorced any husband. He has also been punished in the same case in the year 2004 and in the year 2009.

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