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The husband was watching the dream of another woman, the wife woke her up by pouring boiling water! -EnglishHindiBlogs-News

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Woman Abuses Husband in Sleep: There are more than one specimens in the world. Especially if the relationship between husband and wife is not going on intelligently, then strange incidents are heard. A similar incident has come to light from Bolivia, where a wife throws boiling water on Sleeping Husband on her own husband. The husband was weaving dreams of some other woman in deep sleep at that time, for which he got such a dreadful punishment.

This shocking incident happened in Bolivia’s city named La Paz. The woman poured boiling water on her husband when he was sleeping and had no idea of ​​the danger that was coming. Since the incident, the husband is undergoing treatment in the hospital, while the woman was caught by the police, where she herself told this whole incident with her own mouth. By the way, this matter is not a joke because the husband is badly burnt.

Love expressed itself in sleep
According to the woman’s statement, her 45-year-old husband was expressing his love for another woman in his sleep. As soon as his wife slept together, she did not say anything to her husband. She quietly went to the kitchen and boiled water in the pot. She came with boiling water and poured it on her husband in his sleep. The woman says that she did this in anger because the husband was dreaming of someone else in his sleep. According to sources, the woman’s husband was badly burnt in the incident. He has burn wounds on his back, arms and below waist, which is being treated.

Whimsical wife had punished earlier also
According to TN International, it is not clear whether the woman’s husband himself told this incident to the police or whether the neighbors gave a report to them after hearing her scream, but now the matter is under investigation. According to Juan José Donaire, deputy director of La Paz’s Special Crime Fighting Force, the woman has once tried to set her husband on fire after drinking alcohol. Although there is no information about what mistake he did then, but this time the culprit was definitely not so much as the severe pain the woman has given.

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