Sharice davids, wiki biography, education, Kansas election, Like Age, career & more

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Sharice Davids wiki Biography

Do you know who is Sharice Davids?, in case you don’t know then let me tell you that she is an American attorney who was born on 22 May 1980 In Frankfurt in west Germany. She is 42 years old but very enthusiastic about her work. She is also well known Mix Martial Artist and politician Who is representative of the US Kansas 3rd Congressional Kansas District since 2019. She has so much influence around Kansas that’s why she represents many districts of Kansas including Olex, Lenexa, Prairie village overland park, and Kansas City. Over the last several decades she is the only person who can represent Kansas congressional district.

Many people don’t know but Sharice Davids is lesbian. The mother of Sharice Davids was a US Army veteran. from her she learned the importance of hard work and service at a young age. she is also a member of the Ho-Chunk Nation. she Defeated her opponent name Kevin Yoder in the election of the year 2018. Elected as a representative of the US Congress party. she said this is a proud moment for all Native Americans and I am so privileged to be a part of history. At the University of Missouri-Kansas, she studied business administration and from Cornell Law School she received her degree.

Because of being an attorney, she worked for different American tribes and law firms in Kansas City on different issues like economic development for native Americans. During the last year of the Obama administration, she served as a White House fellow. She is also a famous writer who wrote a book called Big voice: a Native kid become a congresswoman. This is nothing but a picture kind of photo autobiography where she has shared some photos of her beautiful moments in life in the form of a story with children.

Sharice Davids Education and Work

sharice davids, wiki biography, education, Kansas election, Like Age, career & more
sharice davids

She worked tirelessly during covid-19 To take it out of Kansas City and across the country. Transportation, health issues, manufacturing PPT kits, and distributing the covid-19 medicine across Kansas City to save people from covid-19 was her priority during a pandemic. Once in an interview, she said transportation is the backbone of every country to empower it economically and build a healthy society. Sharice Davids once said, “I know as an attorney and economic advisor how to get things done because getting a good education is a right of every citizen, it doesn’t matter if he is upper, lowered or middle class.

I know in Kansas there are many families who are economically poor due to the unavailability of income sources but it is right of everybody to get higher education in a more affordable way. I know as a woman and part of native American Society how to stand up and fight for equality and equity in our society. Because of her growing influence and personality, Republicans are trying to take her off of the chair and get it to their other Republican leaders. Sharice Davids is highly educated.

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At Johnson County Community College in 2003, she earned an associate of arts degree in Liberal Arts. her most famous speech was delivered in Los Angeles for a human rights campaign on March 16, 2022. Recently she stood up for farmers and ranchers who were affected by floods, droughts, and heat waves.

There are many people who aren’t aware but because of Sharice Davids, they have saved thousands of dollars from energy bills due to recently passed legislation. As part of the supply chain for making prescriptions for more affordable drugs, she took action to make the cost of those drugs for those lower middle-class families and businesses who are living in Kansas City, and she said, “My work is not done yet. On the occasion of National Public lands day, she said I remain dedicated to protecting Kansas’s beautiful green spaces and preserving the rich ecological and cultural history these lands facilitate.

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Sharice Davids was raised by a single mother who served US Army for more than 20 years. She was a bright student while completing her primary and college education. Also, she learns how to stand up for community rights, how to give public speeches, and lead a group of people for the same purpose and message. As the leader of Kansas, the first thing she did was make drugs affordable and reachable to each and every family in Kansas. For many years she is a resident of Roeland Park.

Here are the Important things she has done in recent years

  • Making the government of Washington work for Kansas
  • For the people bringing Kansas voices to Washington
  • Lowering health costs and expanding access to care
  • Making people invest in Kansas infrastructure
  • Building a stronger economy that works for all Sharice Davids Goal

Sharice Davids said everybody should have the same opportunities to achieve whatever goals they have. which is why bringing more opportunities for the middle class is a priority on her to-do list. She has more than 46k followers on Instagram.

Sherice Davids Career

sharice davids, wiki biography, education, Kansas election, Like Age, career & more
Sharice Davids

As a Martial artist, she has many records on her name including professional and amateur. The professional matches she played are two out of which she won one match against Roja Acevedo. In the amateur category, she played 6 matches and out of them, she won 5. In the 2018 election, she got record-breaking votes against the democratic primary election where she defeated the strong candidate of republican brent welder. In the 2018 Kansas 3rd district democratic primary election she got 23,066 votes against brent welder. There were almost five leaders who were in the position of Sharice Davids Including Tomnierman, Mike Mccammon, Sylvia Williams, and jay sidie.

Right now she is working on managing inflation and preserving reproductive rights. She believes Kansas inflation and abortion are key issues for voters to solve. In the 2020 election, she defeated Republican opponent Amanda Adkins by a margin of over 40,000 votes.

Recently she was featured in the Kansas daily news podcast of the city today. Where she talked with Brain Ellison on different sensitive topics.

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Here is the list of questions she answered during the podcast

What are the key issues which are running inside the voters’ minds?

Due to financial instability, increasing inflation, and supply chain issues people are just getting squeezed into this process and they don’t know how to get out of this. Here they need the help of people who are like me. Getting good quality drugs at affordable prices is the right of every citizen of the country but political leaders are taking all the decisions on behalf of these people which are directly or indirectly affecting their financial conditions of these people and I am going to challenge them.

What do you think about current financial policies or do you want to change them?

I grew up in a middle-class family and it is very difficult to navigate with a tight financial budget. If it comes to a middle-class family then inflation makes drastic changes to their financial budgeting. Yes, that’s why I am working on changing some financial policies that are going to be helpful for nurturing our upcoming future generations with better and better resources.

If you are re-elected, what will you do to change the composition of your district?

If re-elected then I will make sure to connect with as many influential and knowledgeable people around different parts of the country. who is in a financially better condition than us? I will make sure to learn about different sectors like agriculture and small businesses. I will try to build that infrastructure in Kansas. I will make sure to do anything and everything that I can do to make my district and country better than everybody else.

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Sharice Davids makes political history wiki

Sharice Davids makes political history wiki

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Republican is running against Sharice Davids?

Daniel Desrochers is running against Sharice Davids for Kansas’ 3rd Congressional District election, 2022.

Is Sharice Davids a Republican or Democrat?

Sharice Davids is from the democratic party

When did Sharice Davids get elected?

On 3 November 2020, she was elected in the United States general election.

Did Sharice Davids win re-election?

Sharice Davids was elected in the 2018 and 2020 elections, the next election is on 8th November, and the Democratic party is looking forward to her third Historical win against the Republican party.


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