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Seeing the balloon, the mind of the cats got up, people said ‘Messi’ after seeing it playing like football

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There are some things with which there is a strong childhood connection. Childhood automatically wakes up after seeing some things. Whether it is a human or an animal, everyone has the same childhood that moves, then it is impossible to differentiate. The video of two such cats is going viral.

Such a video of cats has been shared on the Twitter account of @yoda4ever, seeing that everyone’s heart will wake up. Who does not like balloons, just on seeing a purple balloon, the mind of 2 cats got so excited that both of them played a lot of game by tossing the balloon like football. People are liking this video very much. You too will not be able to live without smiling after watching the cats play.

Cats play football with balloons like Messi!
In the video, at a place like a rocky mountain, two cats did not know from where they got a balloon. What was then, just forgetting something, both the cats got busy in having fun with that balloon as if the wish of years had come true and it was not unreasonable to leave it even for a moment. One by one, both the cats would paw at the purple balloon with their paws and when it started flying, they started running after it to catch it. Just like you and I must have run behind a cut kite or a balloon taken from the fair. Seeing the way the cats were running after the balloon to hit him, some users compared him to the famous footballer Messi.

Not only cats but monkeys like to have fun with balloons
The cats were hitting the balloon with their sharp claws, in such a situation how long the poor balloon could celebrate, in the end, the balloon burst due to the scratch of the claw. Due to which the poor cats got scared. Apart from cats, many animals also like to have fun with balloons. Some time ago the video of crooked monkeys playing with balloons also went viral. In that too, two monkeys played a lot of games with the balloon, but there the two monkeys did not want to play with each other. They wanted to rob all the fun alone by saving each other. In this affair, a monkey ran to the tree with the balloon, where the balloon stuck in some wood exploded. After which the monkeys had the same reaction as the cats here after the balloon burst.

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