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Scientists have found out from a new study where water would have come from on the moon!

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Humans have always been curious to find life outside the earth. Ever since NASA has confirmed the presence of water on the moon, many researches have been done about what could be the source of water on the moon. Now a new research has presented a very surprising result. It has said that volcanoes may be the reason for the source of water on the moon. We know that many volcanoes have erupted on the moon in ancient times.

Volcanic activity on the Moon may have started 4.2 trillion years ago. Scientists estimate that volcanic eruptions may have been on the moon up to 1 billion years ago. The large spots visible on its surface are plains of volcanic rocks which have been formed due to large volcanic eruptions. Scientists are trying to understand whether these explosions may have released gases, which may have been imprisoned in its atmosphere. And will these gases cool down and fall again in the form of ice on the surface of Mars, where sunlight does not reach.

Scientists have said that this could be a possibility. “Our model estimates that 41 percent of the total H20 mass may have re-condensed and accumulated as ice at its poles. It may have been hundreds of meters thick.” Scientists have published this study in Planetary Science General.

Scientists have said that the duration of volcanic events on the moon must have been very short. Here at every altitude there must have been water in the form of ice, which would have been made on the poles.

The researchers built this study on the hypothesis that all the water vapor particles created by volcanic activity may not have been lost by solar winds. Some of them may have settled on the surface in the form of frost. And thus water would have been available on the moon.

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