Samastipur News: The terror of thieves challenged the police, thieves took away one lakh cash and jewelry worth six lakhs from the house

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Continued Reign of Terror as Thieves Plague Dalsinghsarai for Fifth Consecutive Day

The wave of fear and criminal activities brought about by thieves persists relentlessly for the fifth day in the Dalsinghsarai region of Samastipur district. On Sunday night, a new chapter of theft unfolded as criminals targeted the villages of Dhepura and Kevata. The audacious thieves managed to escape with a haul of one lakh rupees in cash and valuables worth six lakhs from a residence within the village.

The security situation in Bihar remains dire, as law enforcement struggles to contain the rampant crime. In a disconcerting trend, theft incidents continue unabated in Samastipur. On the night in question, these thieves struck once more, displaying their disregard for authority. This time, the target was a household within the village, resulting in the loss of one lakh rupees in cash and valuables amounting to six lakhs.

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The reign of terror orchestrated by these thieves in Dalsinghsarai lingers on, now stretching into its fifth day. The villages of Dhepura and Kevata, both situated within the police station’s jurisdiction, bore the brunt of the thieves’ actions during the recent Sunday night. The criminals brazenly broke into four houses in Dhepura and one in Kevata, making off with a significant sum of one lakh rupees in cash and an assortment of valuables valued at over six lakhs. The victims only discovered the intrusion upon waking up the following morning, highlighting the stealth and cunning tactics employed by the perpetrators. Evidently, the thieves have perfected their methods, managing to carry out their felonious acts without arousing suspicion. The thieves’ ability to target rooms discreetly, avoiding detection even as they forcibly entered cupboards and locks, leaves residents perplexed and vulnerable.

Ranjit Rai’s household in Dhepura suffered a loss of 40,000 rupees in cash and valuables worth 2.5 lakhs due to the audacious thieves’ activities. Equally unfortunate, the thieves struck at the residence of Ranjit’s brother, Rajeev Rai, seizing 20,000 rupees in cash and valuables valued at around 1.5 lakhs. Despite the presence of occupants in neighboring rooms, the victims remained oblivious to the theft as it occurred. Even Ranjit’s wife, who was at her maternal home during the incident, could not escape the criminals’ cunning tactics. A few of Rajeev’s belongings were later discovered in the vicinity, a meager consolation to the extensive losses suffered.

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The same pattern repeated in Kevata village, with thieves making off with 7,000 rupees in cash and valuables worth 2 lakhs from Rajendra Rai’s home, along with 10,000 rupees in cash from Kusheshwar Rai’s residence. Meanwhile, Chandeshwar Sah’s household in Kevata fell victim to a theft of 18,000 rupees in cash.

The startling escalation of crime has resulted in over 50 lakhs’ worth of property being stolen from 24 residences across various neighborhoods within the Dalsinghsarai police station’s jurisdiction over the past week. Despite heightened police vigilance, the elusive gang of thieves remains undetected, leaving both law enforcement and residents grappling with sleepless nights.

In response to the ongoing crisis, Dalsinghsarai DSP Dinesh Pandey expressed his team’s unwavering commitment to apprehending the criminal gang. The DSP himself is actively involved in nightly patrols and has taken the situation as a personal challenge. Assurances have been made that the culprits will soon face justice as the police intensify their efforts to restore security and peace to the beleaguered region.

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