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Russia says it has complete control of Lysychansk oil refinery while Ukraine admits only “partial success” -EnglishHindiBlogs-News

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told CNN that Russian President Vladimir Putin has undermined both Ukraine’s resistance and the unity of the NATO military alliance.

“He [Putin] made a big mistake; They completely underestimated the strength of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the Ukrainian leadership and the courage of the Ukrainian people, and they also underestimated the unity of NATO and partners in providing support to Ukraine,” Stoltenberg told CNN’s chief international Told anchor Christian Amanpour.

Speaking from the NATO Madrid summit, Stoltenberg said Putin had failed to achieve his objectives when it came to weakening the NATO alliance.

“One of his main messages at the beginning of this war was that he wanted less NATO. He actually proposed signing an agreement not to expand NATO further. What he is getting now is NATO and NATO. There are two new members, with Finland bordering … with Russia, doubling the NATO border with Russia,” he told Amanpour.

“This does not mean that we do not see the seriousness of the difficulties that Ukraine is facing in the Donbass,” Stoltenberg said.

Stoltenberg told CNN he was ignoring Putin’s rhetoric and would “assess him on his actions.”

“What he does in Ukraine is a brutal violation of international law. This is a war that has caused a lot of civilian casualties, civilian casualties, and huge losses,” he told CNN.

According to Stoltenberg, the achievements at the NATO summit in Madrid are a “victory” for the military alliance.

“It is a victory for NATO that we have once again demonstrated our unity and ability to change, adapt when the world is changing,” the NATO chief said.

“We live in a world where we see brutal use of force against a close NATO neighbour, Ukraine, a close ally of NATO, and that is why we have taken important steps and further strengthened our presence in the eastern part. Will enhance the coalition to remove any room for misunderstanding or misunderstanding in Moscow about our readiness to defend and defend all allies, ”he said.

“It is deterrence, and the purpose of deterrence is to stop conflict. And that is exactly what NATO has done for more than 70 years – stop conflict and keep peace,” he said.



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