Bizarre Adventure’s Roblox Simulator Game Gets a YBA 2023 Christmas Update New Codes

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Roblox is one of the most popular games on the market, and fans of the Bizarre Adventure franchise will be pleased to hear that a new Christmas update has been released for the Roblox simulator game. Developed by Bizarre Studios®, this update brings a much-anticipated holiday season to the game. Here’s what you need to know about the new update.

The official Christmas Update for the well-known RPG Roblox simulator Your Bizarre Adventure has been released by developer Bizarre Studios®. The most recent version of YBA is now available to those gamers who have been impatiently awaiting the release of fresh upgrades directly from We’ve talked about the new codes, incentives, and an official patch note that were included in the Your Bizarre Adventure Christmas Update.

If you enjoy free things, you could want to watch a new YBA (januray 2023 ) You can get free Rokakaka fruits, lucky arrows, Stands skins, Stang storage, emotes, EXP boosts, money, farms, and a variety of other items just by using the working codes list.

Bizarre Adventure's Roblox Simulator Game Gets a YBA 2023 Christmas Update New Codes
Bizarre Adventure’s Roblox Simulator Game Gets a YBA 2023 Christmas Update New Codes

What’s New in This Roblox YBA 2023 Christmas Update?

This update adds a few new features to make your gaming experience even better. There are now more weapons available, including swords, guns, and shields. Additionally, there are more enemies to battle against in all levels of difficulty. You can also find hidden items throughout each level as you explore different areas of the game. The goal is to collect these items and complete objectives while fighting off enemies in order to progress through the game.

The graphics have also been improved with this update, making it easier for players to immerse themselves in the world of Bizarre Adventure. Players can also customize their characters with various costumes, hairstyles, and accessories. Finally, there are now story missions that offer unique challenges and rewards for completing them successfully.

Roblox YBA New Additions from Previous Versions

The Christmas update includes several additions that were not present in previous versions of the game. For instance, there is an entirely new level called “Christmas Town” which features special events such as snow fights and Santa quests. There are also some limited-time seasonal items available only during this time period – so if you want them make sure to get them before they’re gone! Additionally, there have been several bug fixes included in this version so that players won’t experience any technical difficulties while playing the game.

Roblox 🎄 YBA 2023 Christmas Update New Codes, Log, and Patch Notes
Roblox 🎄 YBA 2023 Christmas Update New Codes, Log, and Patch Notes
Game NameBizarre Adventure YBA Roblox
YBA Roblox New Christmas update date16 December 2022
Bizarre Adventure YBA Roblox Latest versionRoblox [YBA 🎄 Christmas] Your Bizarre Adventure
Features addedNew Christmas Events, Skins, Free Codes, and etc.
Next update leaksAvailable soon
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Roblox YBA official

Is there are any Roblox YBA new codes released on 2023 Christmas Update ?

Yes, the game’s creator, Bizarre Studios®, has published a new code on this significant update that will grant several in-game awards. You can view the most recent working update codes below:

  • Gratitude Is Shown – Free Lucky Arrow (NEW)
  • Use these codes on SorryAboutYourQuests to unlock Lucky Arrow
  • Use these codes from YummersOneMillionLikes to receive Mysterious Arrows and Rokakakas.
  • Use these codes on YareYareDawa to get Lucky Arrow.

Roblox YBA Christmas Update 1.38 Patch Notes & Log

💫✨『 UPDATE 1.38 』💫✨

➢ New Lucky Arrow Code available at the following YouTube channel link

➢ Christmas-related event! For additional information, visit YouTube!

➢ Significant vulnerability patches!

➢ More in the game!


  1. New map with a holiday theme!
  2. Gather Christmas gifts! They can be obtained through finishing game modes or randomly found on the map (0.3% spawn chance) (drop chances will be listed below). To get a random Limited Edition cosmetic or item, open them!
  3. Christmas present drop probabilities in modes that reward victory:
  4. 1v1’s = 4%
  5. 2v2’s = 1%
  6. SBR 3rd = 5% casual
  7. SBR 2nd casual = 10%
  8. 15% for casual SBR first
  9. competing SBR 3rd = 10%
  10. SBR 2nd competitive = 15%
  11. First-place competitive SBR = 20%
  12. After the event, all Limited Edition Christmas items won’t be available anymore!
  13. 2x Item Spawning Enabled (4x item spawning on weekends when combined with the 2x spawn)
  14. Chances to get 2x Stand Skins (Works with the Robux shop!)
  15. New Aerosleigh (2022 Christmas Stand Skins) by Aerosmith and Epic
  16. (Ucommon / Killer Queen: Bites the Dust) Killer Queen: Bites the Ice
  17. (Common / Hierophant Green) Hierophant Frost
  18. Whitesnake’s Snake of Christmas Past is a legendary song.
  19. Moon of the Present at Christmas (typical / C-Moon)
  20. Made in Heaven (Legendary) and Made in Christmas Future
  21. Holiday Free (Rare / Stone Free)
  22. (Uncommon/King Crimson Requiem) King Crampus
  23. Red Hot Chili Pepper with Ice Cold Chili Pepper
  24. (Uncommon / Cream) Cream Nog
  25. (Epic / Magician’s Red) Snow Golem
  26. Snow Golem That Was Sheared (Epic; Magician’s Red)
  27. White Album, Glacier Trackstar (Uncommon)
  28. Jingle Bell, a new 2023 Christmas item skin (Steel Ball)
  29. Ball of Peppermint (Steel Ball)
  30. 2021 LIMITED EDITION EVERYTHING For this Event, Christmas Skins are also available!
  31. The holiday event will end on January 9, 23. (January 9th)

Roblox YBA Fixes & Exploit Patches

  1. “Stand Fusion” was patched, allowing you to use a stand’s moves on another stand. For this repair, skill key bindings have been reset; please rebind your skill keys.
  2. Fixed animations looking strange and blending together
  3. patched certain exploits relating to sounds that could be quite loud on public servers.
  4. patched an invisible-person trick
  5. an Auto Parrying flaw was patched
  6. You fixed an exploit that allowed you to jump and run quite quickly.
  7. You have patched an exploit that allowed you to pilot any Stand from a great distance.

Roblox YBA Changes

  1. You prevented Anubis’ model and skins from serving as a hitbox extension.
  2. Now, Daytime and Nighttime are of equal length (night time used to last 1.4x shorter)

Roblox YBA Christmas Event Update Official patch Note |Soft & Wet TRAILER [YBA] Video

Soft & Wet TRAILER [YBA]

How to play Roblox YBA Game?

Welcome to Your Bizarre Adventure, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that focuses on fighting gangs, developing strong and distinctive spiritual skills known as “STANDS,” and more!

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People also ask

How long did the YBA Christmas update last?

The second event that was added to Your Bizarre Adventure and ran from December 19, 2021, to January 3, 2023, was the Christmas Event. Along with Christmas Presents, it also added a tonne of new skins to the game, including reskins for certain items.

What are the new codes for YBA 2023?

Redeem code for Roka, Arrows, and 2x EXP Boost: ThxFor188k. Ribcage of the Saints Corpse and Pelvis of the Saints Corpse redemption codes are available at GIMMETUSK. Pure Roka, three redeemed arrows, and a 2X EXP boost can be obtained by redeeming the code “ThxFor185k” (requires prestige +1). GiveMeSixPistols: Redeem the code to receive a gift.

Did the YBA codes expire?

Redemed Pure Rokakaka, Redemed Rokakaka, and Redemed Mysterious Arrow. Note: Active codes will expire after 1 week.

What code is YBA?

The popular Roblox RPG uses YBA codes, also known as Your Bizarre Adventure codes, to unlock free parts and goods like arrows and Rokakaka Fruit for a certain period of time.


The new Christmas update is sure to bring plenty of festive fun into your gaming experience! With improved graphics, new weapons and enemies, customizable characters, story missions with unique challenges and rewards – plus some limited-time seasonal items – this version of Roblox makes playing Bizarre Adventure even more exciting than ever before! If you haven’t already done so, head over to roblox now and give it a try today!

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