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Report – Yash Khare

Harvest: It will not be an exaggeration to call Hanuman ji, sitting in village Muhas, just 30 kilometers away from Katni in Madhya Pradesh, as an orthopedic specialist. Patients suffering from bone diseases, fractures etc. have the same queue here as they do for an orthopedic surgeon or a specialist (orthopedic specialist). Everyday there is many times more crowd than a big doctor’s dispensary. On Saturdays and Tuesdays, there is no space even to set foot in the huge campus.

this remains the view
Everyday the view at the Hanuman temple is unique. Some bring a patient on a stretcher, while some carry him on his back or in an ambulance. If someone’s hand is broken, then someone is seen moaning due to fracture in leg or other place in the body. Everyone has only one hope in their mind that Bajrangbali Shri Hanumanji will make everything right. His faith also meets the test, that’s why people here have given the title of Hanuman who joins bones to Hanumanji.

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Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh

This is how treatment happens
As soon as the victim reaches the premises, Panda Sarmanji of the temple asks everyone to close their eyes. Everyone is asked to chant the name of Ram only. Panda and his associates feed some medicine to the victims while their eyes are closed. It is advisable to chew the leaves and herbs and eat them. Everyone is sent away after consuming the medicine. There is only so much treatment here. Panda Sarman Patel claims that by eating this medicine and by the glory of Hanumanji, the bones are automatically joined.

The fair takes place two days a week
Although medicine is given daily in the temple, but Tuesday and Saturday are specially designated for this. Local Moolchand Dubey says that Tuesday and Saturday are the days of Hanumanji. The medicine given on this day is more effective. This is the reason why a fair of the victims is held in the temple on Saturdays and Tuesdays. Thousands of people reach here.

People come from many states
Local Ramesh Soni and Keshav Patel told that the fame of this temple is all over the country. When people get disappointed after getting treatment at the doctor’s place, then they come here in the shelter of Hanumanji. People from other states including Gujarat, Rajasthan, UP, Bihar are also included in the visitors. Umaria resident Arun Pandey, Bahoriband resident Prabha Devi, Sagar resident Nandkishore Raj, Mahesh Awasthi etc., who came to the temple for treatment, told that they have come for the second time. Everyone had fractures. He told that for the first time he felt 100 percent relaxed. The second time they have come just to have darshan of Hanumanji and offer prasad.

no cost
Local people said that there is no fee fixed for treatment and medicine in the temple. The devotion that a person develops, he offers it in the donation box. Only oil is available in the shop outside. This massage oil is also available for 50 or 100 rupees. Katni resident Rajesh Pandey told that a few days back his leg was fractured, he reached Baba’s court. Now his leg is fine without any medical treatment. Ramnarayan Mahobia, a resident of Badwara told that his right hand was broken due to falling from the cycle. After X-ray, the doctor advised plaster for fracture in hand. But they came to know that by eating medicine in Muhas, the bone is joined. That’s why they reached the temple here. After taking the medicine, his hand is completely fine now. It is said that till date no one has returned disappointed from the court of Dr. Hanuman.

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