Not a chair-table, a person came out to sell an army tank made in 1947 on Facebook! Know how much price was kept – man selling 1947 tank selling on facebook marketplace for 3 lakh rupees england ashas – News18 Hindi -EnglishHindiBlogs-News

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People used Facebook to sell goods for a long time, but ever since the company has started a marketplace column on its website, since then the number of goods sold has also increased. People sell even old and new chairs, tables, TVs, fridges, vehicles on Facebook Marketplace. But recently a British man surprised everyone when he went out to sell the entire tank on Facebook (Man sell 1947 tank on facebook marketplace).

According to the report of the Daily Star News website, a person in Winsford (Winsford, England), an area falling between Manchester, Merseyside, and Stoke, tried to sell a very strange thing on Facebook (1947 tank selling on facebook marketplace). According to the report, he has also fixed the price for selling the army tank. The person wants to sell this tank for Rs 3.4 lakh, in such a situation, the price is such that people can easily buy it.

Man goes to sell 1947 tank
The person claimed that the tank was made in 1947 and was very effective in scaring the neighbors. When you see the picture of the tank, you will come to know that it is not actually a tank, but an armored vehicle. The person wrote with the photo that it can give a different look to your garden or can become a place for camping. This quirky little thing is for those who want something different.

People have sold weird things on Facebook before
This vehicle has 6 big wheels and a gun is mounted on top of the vehicle. The person said that this vehicle is best suited for going camping. Although this post has been deleted on Facebook, but someone has posted it on Reddit with a screenshot. By the way, this is not the first time that someone has sold such a strange thing on Facebook’s marketplace. According to the report of the Daily Star, in the month of August this year, a man was selling old rubber feet. Not only this, some people even sell used adult toys. In the month of September this year, a man from Plymouth sold his old jeans on Facebook Marketplace.

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