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Movie Review: The director missed out on saying ‘Ittu Si Baat’ correctly

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Small town stories are trending in Hindi films and following the same tradition, producer Laxman Utekar and director Adnan Ali have presented new faces with small budget in the low class environment of small town with their film Ittu Si Baat. . The director has tried to depict the old-fashioned love full of innocence through his storytelling, but as the story progresses, love loses its innocence and turns into childishness and loses its impact.

Story of Ittu Si Baat
Bittu Shukla (Bhupendra Jadawat) is a boy living in a fakamasti in a village called Chunar near Varanasi. It is laggy in terms of work, but is a disciple of Virat Kohli in cricket. He has been in love with Sapna (Gayatri Bharadwaj) since school days, but has never been able to express his heart to her. One day she learns that if she gifts an iPhone to her one-sided love Sapna, she will openly say I love to her. What was it just then, Bittu, like a true lover, rolls different types of papads to express his love from the mouth of his girlfriend. Look at Bittu’s innocence, he doesn’t even know that an iPhone is worth more than a lakh rupees, so first he breaks his grandmother’s (Farida Jalal) piggy bank, from which a few thousand rupees come out, then he friends with friends. Borrows, tries to gamble on credit cards, collects donations from Muslim-dominated areas on the pretext of Urs, even kills Vicky Sharma (Priyansh Jora), a boy named Sapna. Actually Dilfenk Handsome Vicky specializes in wooing girls by giving attractive gifts. Here Bittu also sells his cricket bat bearing Virat’s autograph to deposit money, yet when he is unable to collect 1.25 lakh, his sister brings him the money kept for his marriage, so that the brother can May his love be found. Actually Bittu’s sister is not getting married due to heavy dowry. Can Bittu get the iPhone? Does Sapna also fall in love with her? You will find answers to all these questions in the film.

‘Ittu Si Baat’ trailer

Review of ‘Ittu Si Baat’
When this small town story begins, it seems quite relevant according to the environment there. There is also a lot of laughter and jokes through the characters in the film. The track of Bittu’s family and friends is fun, but the directors are proved wrong as per the concept when Bittu takes money for his sister’s wedding to get his love. Sister’s marriage is breaking up because her family members are unable to give her a car in dowry, in such a situation it is not digestible for Bittu to tell her sister that if her fiancée truly loves her, then she will not covet the car, whereas Bittu himself has crossed the limits to give iPhone to his girlfriend. It has also been shown in the film that rather than education in villages and towns, there is more of mobile revolution and mapping of boys. The music of the film is average. Due to the low budget, the film gives the feel of a serial. Had it been released on OTT instead of theatre, the cast and crew would have benefited more.

Debutant Bhupendra Jadawat plays the character of Bittu beautifully, but the character misses out on strong due to the emotional weaknesses of his role. Gayatri is cute as Sapna. A veteran and senior actress like Farida Jalal has been left out. Priyansh Jora has been cast as Vicky, while Sonali Sachdev, Atul Srivastava and Neeraj Sood have done a good job.



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