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Movie Review: Hit – The First Case -EnglishHindiBlogs-Movie

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No matter how long the debate about Hindi Vs South films has gone on, but one thing is certain that Bollywood filmmakers are unable to describe the remake of super hit South films. The success of South’s successful films being remade in Hindi continues and in the same episode director Shailesh Kolanu has come up with Hit: The First Case along with actor Rajkummar Rao. Now that there is a capable actor like Rajkummar Rao in the film, somewhere there is hope that the story and the acting will definitely be layered. Sanya Malhotra is also in the film with Rajkummar Rao.

Story of ‘Hit: The First Case’
HIT (Homicide Intervention Team) Chief Detective Vikram is haunted by his traumatic past, which is why he encounters his past over and over again while solving his complex and terrifying cases. But he continues to solve his cases with his efficiency and quick detective mind. But this time the matter is very complicated and sensitive. Now the case that has come to Vikram is about the disappearance of his girlfriend and forensic analyst Neha (Sanya Malhotra), who works in his department. After a quarrel with Vikram, Neha is not able to find anyone and on the same day another girl Preeti from their city Jaipur is also missing. Preeti, a college student, was last seen on the highway by policeman Ibrahim (Milind Gunaji) after his car broke down. Now is there any relation between these two missing girls? Will Vikram be able to trace Neha? Can he break free from the dark shadows of his past? You have to watch the movie to know this.

‘Hit: The First Case’ trailer

‘Hit: The First Case’ review
As we mentioned, this film is a remake of the 2020 Telugu film. Shailesh Kolanu also took over the direction of the original film. The original story was set in Telangana, but the story of our Hindi film is woven on the backdrop of Rajasthan. The story does full justice to its thriller nature. The twists and turns of the film manage to keep the audience glued to their chairs till the intermission. The intriguing buildup of the story is very strong. But then many such questions come up in the story, which the director has not been able to give justification. The director collects several characters as suspects and the series remains interesting until the climax comes out, but the real murderer is revealed in the climax, which is a great disappointment. Apart from this, the logic of the LGBTQ angle in the film also does not satisfy the viewer. When the culprit is discovered at the end of the film, his reason for committing the heinous crime seems absurd. The climax is not even fully revealed. The director has also hinted at part two of the plot except for some ends.

Yes, acting is the strongest aspect of the film and Rajkummar Rao proves to be top-notch in every way. Rajkummar Rao has left no stone unturned to play the role of a genius police officer engrossed in the horrors of the past. With his action-reaction, he manages to increase the tension that suits the script. Sanya Malhotra has not got a chance to do anything special in her role. A good actress like her should have got a little more screen space. Actors like Milind Gunaji, Jatin Goswami and Dalip Tahil have done well in their roles. Shilpa Shukla as the attention seeker has also done justice to the character. Talking about the music side, not much effort has been put on the music. Editing should have been tighter after the second half. Manikandan’s cinematography maintains the gloomy and thriller mood of the film.

Why watch – This film can be seen for the love of thriller films and for the acting of Rajkumar Rao.



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