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Movie Review: 777 Charlie

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Many films like ‘Teri Mehrabaniyan’, ‘Hathi Mere Saathi’, ‘Mera Rakshak’, ‘Jaanwar Aur Insaan’, ‘Gai Aur Gauri’ have been made in Indian cinema on the relationship between animals and humans. Dogs are said to be man’s best friend. Jackie Shroff starrer ‘Teri Mehrabaniyan’ was the most discussed among the films made on the loyalty of this voiceless. One such beautiful film has been released this week, whose name is ‘777 Charlie’. Kannada cinema’s multitalented actor Rakshit Shetty’s film ‘777 Charlie’ shows the feelings between a human and a dog so beautifully that every viewer gets emotional. There are some stories on the screen which not only give comfort to your eyes, but also leave a deep impact on the heart and mind. One such great story is from the film ‘777 Charlie’. Rakshit Shetty was also in the news for her last film ‘Kirik Party’. Also, after KGF 2, the expectations of Hindi audiences from Kannada cinema have also increased, on which ‘777 Charlie’ (777 Charlie) steps up.

The Story of ‘777 Charlie’
There is such an emotional journey between the hero Dharma and the dog of the film ‘777 Charlie’, in which fulfilling the happiness of the pet dog becomes Dharma’s motive. The look and gesture of the hero of ‘777 Charlie’ reminds you of a character like ‘Kabir Singh’. Hero has his own tragic story, due to which the routine of his life is limited to only one factory, bike, a dirty house, beer, grown beard, idli, cigarette, that is his life. The children of his neighborhood tremble at the silence and seriousness of Dharma’s face. A homeless dog stops at Dharma’s door. Dharma tries a lot to drive that dog away but does not succeed. From here begins this beautiful journey of both of them and touching their hearts. This dog gets the name ‘777 Charlie’, which has a different story of its own. This journey of Charlie and Dharma takes you from Karnataka to Himachal Pradesh.

‘777 Charlie’ trailer

Review of ‘777 Charlie’
‘777 Charlie’ is a movie that everyone should watch. In today’s time, even without any lecture, this film questions the humanity that is decreasing amongst each other very easily and the same questions are easily taught to you. The small incidents shown in the film keep your eyes constantly moist. Rakshit Shetty, who was in love with actress Rashmika Mandanna, who made her mark in Pan India with the film ‘Pushpa’, has worked heartily on every scene, dialogue, frame and emotion of the film. You will fall in love with the work of the dog who plays Charlie. Sangeeta Sringeri has also given a stellar performance in the film.

Talking about the weaknesses of ‘777 Charlie’, the background music of the film fits well with the story, but there is no song that can go on the tongue of the audience. While the story of the film is so emotional, where one can create songs of excitement, emotion and happiness which can go on the tongue. Although the songs that are there also do not sound bad, the kind of songs in the film can also be called a new experiment. The film is definitely long, but does not allow you to take a look at the mobile without taking your eyes off the screen. Sometimes the story ahead can be predicted, but watching it on screen is fun to follow along on the journey. The technical team of ‘777 Charlie’ has done a great job. Amazing cinematography by Arvind S Kashyap brings every scene to life on screen. What a beautiful location, characters, the journey from Karnataka to Himachal and the changing weather with the scene has been captured in the camera.

The direction of the film is in the hands of Kiranraj. Kiranraj has directed the film well. There are definitely some loop holes in the film, which can be ignored and carried forward. Kiranraj was in the direction team in Rakshit Shetty’s film ‘Kirik Party’, during this film the two became friends and Rakshit gave him the responsibility of the film ‘777 Charlie’. The film has been shot separately with Hindi dialogues, in which the involvement of the director as well as the entire team of the film is completely understandable.

why watch this movie
You can definitely watch the movie ‘777 Charlie’ with your whole family. A good story that teaches many emotional things easily without any lectures for all ages and keeps you entertained till the climax while making you laugh and teach. ‘777 Charlie’ is a heartwarming story, if you want to see a good movie this week, come watch it. Your money will be recovered. In the past, both the parts of actor Yash’s Kannada film KGF: Chapter 2 won the hearts of the country and the world and a different story like ‘777 Charlie’ raises the Kannada film industry a notch higher.



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