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Mother gives children coffee to drink, roams barefoot and has given freedom to eat anything! – mother let her kids drink coffee eat whatever they want and go barefoot to make them happy pratp – News18 Hindi -EnglishHindiBlogs-News

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Weird Parenting Tips: There are different types of people in the world and they have their own lifestyle. Especially when it comes to raising children, all parents have their own style. Some want to keep the children under discipline, while some consider it right to keep them relaxed. Today we will tell you about one such mother who, instead of imposing restrictions on her children, keeps them free.

A 29-year-old mother named Mara Doemland is doing unusual parenting to raise her children. She does not impose any special restrictions on them, but allows them to do whatever they want, so that the children are happy. Mara, who stays at home, has a total of 4 children, who are living a free life under her rule. Neither they are prohibited from drinking tea and coffee, nor are they instructed to wear shoes and slippers.

Kids do what they want!
Mara Doemland All four children – 9-year-old Amy, 7-year-old Murphy, 5-year-old Ripley and 2-year-old Indy are the owners of their own free will. His mother asks him to play outside the house in the rain and does not even ask him to eat food on time. He also chooses fruits and vegetables for himself. She doesn’t even stop her daughters from shaving their heads, while she also allows sons to wear pink clothes. Mara, who lives in Texas, USA, says that she herself likes to be barefoot and does not stop her children from doing the same.

Mara Doemland has four children, who are masters of their own will. (Credit- Facebook / Mara Doemland)

Became a mother in 19 years and adopted unique parenting
According to Mirror’s report, Mara gave birth to her elder daughter Amy at the age of 19. Then he himself did not have the idea of ​​parenting. She was a bit strict at first, but gradually she allowed the children to choose their likes and dislikes. According to him, due to non-imposition of restrictions, children themselves stayed away from sugary things and started eating like adults. Mara’s partner Christopher also agrees with her. You will be surprised to know that she does not stop children from eating sand and soil, nor advises them to share anything.

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