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Missing men in Amazon likely victims of ‘malice,’ says Brazil’s president -EnglishHindiBlogs-News

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Brazil’s federal police said on Sunday they found personal effects of veteran correspondent Dom Phillips and Brazilian researcher Bruno Araújo Pereira, and that “biological traces” had been found and are being analyzed.

Phillips and Pereira went missing on June 5, while traveling in the Javari Valley, in the far west of Amazonas state.

The missing pair were conducting research for a book project on conservation efforts in the area, which authorities described as ‘complicated’ and ‘dangerous’, and known to be home to illegal miners, loggers and international drug traffickers .

They reportedly received death threats just days before their disappearance.

“The evidence leads us to believe that malice was done to them, as human viscera have already been found floating in the river, which is already in Brasilia for DNA testing,” Bolsonaro said in an interview with CBN radio Monday morning.

Bolsonaro also said the chances of finding Pereira and Phillips alive are slim.

“The evidence indicates otherwise at this time,” he said.

Blood was found in a boat belonging to a suspect in the couple’s disappearance last week, authorities say.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Amazonas State Secretary General of Security Carlos Alberto Mansur said the man was arrested after being found in possession of “a lot of drugs” and ammunition used for illegal hunting.

Police have questioned five other people about the missing pair, he said.

Authorities also said Wednesday they were pursuing multiple lines of investigation, including homicide, and added that they “still cannot rule anything out.”



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