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Rishabh Shetty’s film ‘Kantara’ is rocking the box office. On one hand, while the film has collected more than Rs 276.56 crore in the country, it has also created a new unique record. This Kannada film based on mythology has made a record of selling 1 crore tickets in Karnataka. Yes, this is a unique milestone for any film. Made in a budget of just Rs 16 crore, the film has earned Rs 151.80 crore in 41 days from the Kannada version alone. The film’s worldwide earnings have crossed Rs 353 crore.

Kantara Box Office Collection: ‘Kantara’ has been directed by Rishabh Shetty. He has also written the story of the film and he is also the hero of this film. The film was released in Kannada language on 30 September. While it was released in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam on 14 October. In 41 days in all languages, the film has collected a net collection of Rs 276.56 crore in the country, while its gross earning is around Rs 325 crore.

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‘Kantara’ earned 68.5 crores in Hindi
While ‘Kantara’ did a business of around Rs 30 lakh in Kannada on the 41st day of its release on Wednesday, it earned Rs 2.30 crore across the country. It is interesting that the film’s earnings in the Hindi version are the best at this time. On Tuesday, the film earned Rs 2.6 crore in the Hindi version. Whereas on Wednesday it has collected Rs 1.5 crore in Hindi. From the Hindi version, ‘Kantara’ has collected Rs 68.5 crore in 27 days.

'Kantara' created a unique record of selling 1 crore tickets, created a ruckus by earning in 41 days
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Kannada films have also been in bad condition
The success of ‘Kaantara’ means a lot to the Kannada film industry. This is because after KGF 2, the period of continuous beating of films continues there as well. Big Kannada films like ‘Vikrant Rona’ and ‘777 Charlie’ also got beaten up badly at the box office. In such a situation, now the success of ‘Kantara’ has given a new impetus to the industry.