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Kamal Haasan said on the earning of crores from ‘Vikram’ – I will repay all my debt, whatever I can give, I will give

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South Indian superstar Kamal Haasan is extremely happy with the blockbuster success of his latest release ‘Vikram’. The film, which released on June 3, has so far earned more than 300 crores worldwide. Kamal Haasan, happy with the success of ‘Vikram’, gifted a car to the director and gave a bike to 13 assistant directors. Now Kamal Haasan has told where and how he will spend the crores earned from the film.

Kamal Haasan said in a recent press meet, ‘If everyone wants to progress, then you need a leader who does not worry about money. When I said that I can earn 300 crores in one stroke, no one understood this. They thought I was beating my chest, venting anger. But you can see the result now. The box office collection of ‘Vikram’ is in front.

Kamal Haasan took Produce’s film, 50 crore fees too!

Let us tell you that Kamal Haasan has produced this film under his banner. According to reports, Kamal Haasan had taken 50 crores as fees for this film made in a budget of 150 crores.

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Kamal Haasan told where and how he will spend money
Kamal Haasan further said, ‘I will now repay all my debts. I will eat to my fullest and will give whatever I can to my family and friends. Even if I have nothing left after that, I will not say that I have no more to give. I don’t need to pretend to help another by taking someone’s money anymore. I just want to be a good person.’
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‘Vikram’ is the sequel to the 1986 film
Let us tell you that ‘Vikram’ is a sequel to the 1986 film of the same name, in which Kamal Haasan was in the lead role. The sequel has been directed by director Lokesh Kanagaraj. ‘Vikram’ has become the highest grossing Tamil film of the year 2022. Apart from Kamal Haasan, many artists from South including Vijay Sethupathi, Surya, Fahad Fasil were seen in this. ‘Vikram’ was released as ‘Vikram Hitlist’ in Hindi and Telugu languages.



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