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Jawan: Shahrukh started trending after Jawan’s teaser release, know the reaction of Khan’s fans

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Jawan Teaser Release: The teaser of Bollywood King Khan’s upcoming film Jawan has been released on Friday. After a long gap of the film Zero, once again Shahrukh Khan is bringing many of his films back to back. Whose discussion is going on with a lot of noise. They include instructions Rajkumar Hirani’s Dinki, Pathan and Jawan. All these three films will be released next year in 2023.

At the same time, talking about the teaser of the recently released Jawan, a different look of Shahrukh Khan is seen in it. Shahrukh is seen in a very intense look in this. At the same time, the background of the video has been kept dark. Shahrukh is seen carrying different weapons in this scene, as well as he has covered his entire face with a white band except one eye, from which it is being speculated whether he is playing the character of Villain.

Shahrukh has shared the teaser on his Instagram account as well as he has written that 2023 is going to be action packed. At the same time, since the release of the teaser, there are fierce reactions from Shahrukh’s fans.

One of his fans has written, I have reserved this decade for the best films of my life.

At the same time, one has written, if the young man speaks next year, then full Shahrukh Khan. Three movies Pathan, Jawan and Dunki. crazy stuff. Mine.

One user wrote Chief Shahrukh Khan, Jawan world vout is trending at number two while Shahrukh is at number seven.

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Another fan wrote Pathan at the beginning of the year, Jawan in the middle and Dunky in the last. Where can I put so much happiness? Thanks so much Shahrukh sir.

At the same time, another user wrote, this is King’s grand return.



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