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PHOENIX – Lakers guard Patrick Beverley was ejected for pushing Suns center Deandre Ayton to the floor in Los Angeles’ 115-105 loss on Tuesday, but the longtime veteran said the Phoenix player along with L.A. swingman Austin Reeves Were inspired by how they were behaving.

“There’s a person on the ground, two people looking mean and sticking their chest out and the referees don’t come in to break it up, control the game, so I’m going to stand up for my teammates.” I’m leaving,” said Beverly.

With 3:55 left in the fourth quarter and the Suns up 106–96, Devin Booker was called for a shooting foul on Reeves after making contact with the second-year player standing over him and staring at him while Reeves was on the floor. , Ayton then stood over Reeves, at which point Beverly ran several steps and body checked Ayton with his left shoulder when Sun was not looking at the big man.

“I’m not going for that s—,” said Beverly. “Obviously, it’s unfortunate that it happened on national TV. But you know me: I’m a big fan of protecting my teammates no matter what’s going on. … I’m a foxhole guy. I put on the jersey.” I’m committed to a team, I’m committed to a city, and that’s my motto. I’m a Foxhole guy.

“Very unfortunate situation, though.”

After a video review, Booker was assessed a major foul 1 for his hit on Reeves, Beverly was given a technical foul and ejected, and Ayton was also tee’d up.

“I didn’t really see much after the nose injury,” Reeves said. “I thought I was bleeding, so I was on the ground. And when I did the turnaround, I saw Pat on my back, who I love. Everyone on the team … is the same way. If Had he been there, we would have done the same for him.”

Reeves said that he had already told Beverly that he appreciated him “four or five times” from the end of the game to the time that Reeves spoke to reporters.

“He’s a team player,” Reeves said. “He rocks with whoever he rocks with. Whoever he’s on his team, you respect him. You love him. You’re glad he’s on your team. When he’s not, he An insect, everything he does, all those little things. But I just respect him for who he is and standing up for me.”

The Sun didn’t share the same praise.

Phoenix coach Monty Williams said, “I think the league needs to take a look at plays like this; they’re just unnecessary.” “This is just getting silly. That’s the only word I can come up with.”

Ayton said he made sure to keep his cool after the incident.

He said, “They didn’t hurt me, they didn’t take anything out of my pocket and I’m not reacting.”

Booker suggested that this was not the first time he had seen Beverley use a cheap shot in a game.

“Pat needs to stop pushing people back,” Booker said during his on-court interview after the game as part of the TNT broadcast. “Hold them to the chest. That’s all I have to say.”

When informed of Booker’s comments, Beverly said: “I’m not going to go back and forth with all that.”

The controversy drew headlines from another world-class effort from Anthony Davis, with LeBron James (groin) sitting in his fifth consecutive try to keep L.A.’s three-game winning streak alive. Davis finished with 37 points on 11-for-17 shooting and 15-for-16 from the free throw line, 21 rebounds, five steals and five blocks to become the first player in league history to score at least 35 points, 20 rebounds. Gone. Five steals and five blocks in one game.

Davis also faced Ayton after Beverly pushed him to the Phoenix Center.

“We will never let anyone stand over their teammate or make them feel like they’re not a man,” Davis said. “this is outrageous.”

Lakers coach Darwin Hamm suggested that the league might enforce more discipline against Beverley, but Hamm was fine with the spirit of Beverley’s action.

Ham said, “Pat Bev, you don’t just want to be a tough guy competition; you want to play really tough basketball. But at the end of the day, I’m not angry with him.” “He’s out there protecting his partner, and I’m sure he’ll probably go through some sort of consequence for that.

“But at the end of the day, that’s what we have to be as Lakers: We have to stick together.”

When asked if he was concerned about the NBA punishing him, Beverley said, “Of course,” but added that he would accept any outcome from the brawl.

He said, “I am very unprofessional myself. Of course I could have reacted differently.” “So yeah, I’m a big guy. I’ll take my lumps as they come.”