How To Increase Traffic On Hindi Blog – Top 10 Tips New Guide

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Friends, it is very difficult to bring traffic to Hindi blog because Hindi language is not available in all countries, maximum traffic on Hindi blog is from countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh etc. But you do not need to take tension, in today’s post I will tell you such ways by which you can get full traffic on your Hindi blog and start earning a lot of money.

Through this post, I will tell you 10 such tips, by following which you can get unlimited traffic on your Hindi blog.

If your blog or website is new or you have been blogging for a few months now, then it is obvious that there will be no traffic on your site because you have not created much backlinks, you have not done much on your website and SEO, but then Also, if you want to bring traffic to your site, then this post is for you, how to increase traffic on the blog? Traffic is not coming to the blog? Ways to increase traffic on the block? If you want the answer to all these questions, then keep reading this post completely.

Hindi Blog Par Traffic Kaise Badhaye – Top 10 Tips New Guide | How To Increase Traffic On Hindi Blog – Top 10 Tips New Guide

Hindi Blog Par Traffic Kaise Badhaye - Top 10 Tips New Guide

We have created a blog but if traffic is not coming to your site, then no matter how hard you work, you will never be able to earn money, so it is very important to have our traffic on the blog, so keep reading this post completely, through this post you can make your own money. You can start bringing traffic to the blog, you will find many ways to bring blog traffic, but by adopting the methods which I will tell today, you can get traffic in good amount, so let’s talk about all the topics.

Write a post by doing Keyword Research

Before writing a post, you should do keyword research well because without doing keyword research, you cannot get your post ranked in Google and traffic cannot come to your website, for this it is very important for you to do good keyword research.

With this, you can bring the targeted audience to your website, you can use Google, Semrush, Ahref or Ubbersuggest tools to do keyword research, in which some keyword tools are free and some are paid.

If your site is new, then you should use KGR (Keyword Golden Ratio) to do keyword research on your site, so that your post will be ranked quickly in Google and traffic will start coming in the initial phase itself, keywords Before doing research, you should keep the following things in mind.

  • Do keyword research related to your sleep
  • Pay attention to search volume in keyword research
  • Use low competition keywords
  • Use Long Tail Keywords
  • Do not do keyword staffing

Write SEO Friendly Article

If you write SEO Friendly Article by giving your 100%, then you will also enjoy writing the article and at the same time you can get traffic by getting a good rank from Google search engine, for this you have nothing much to do just by optimizing your article. Have to write.

To write SEO friendly article, you should add your main keyword in title and meta description and pay attention to keyword density.

There is a saying in the Internet world, “Content is King” and this saying is hundred percent true because if your content is not worth reading then why would any user stop on your website and why Google will take your website up in the search result. That’s why we should focus on our content, write the post in such a way that the user enjoys reading and his problem can also be solved.

Do On Page SEO of your website, by doing On Page SEO you will get traffic from Google, I have started my website just a few months back, which has started getting a lot of organic traffic from Google.

  • By doing On Page SEO, your article ranks
  • SEO friendly article gets top position in Google
  • Use Rank Math or Yoast SEO Plugin to do On Page SEO

Increase traffic to blog using social media

Increase traffic to blog using social media

Nowadays people are very active on social media such as people keep using social media like Facebook Twitter Instagram Telegram etc. Must be a page.

With this, you will easily get a lot of traffic on your website, obviously you have just joined the social media platform, so you will not have followers, but as you work, your followers will increase and all those pages But traffic will start coming on the one you have given a link to your website or shared the post.

  • Create your own page on Facebook
  • Tell people about your posts on Twitter
  • Create a Pin for your post on Pinterest
  • Redirect your followers on Instagram
  • request to follow
  • Link all social media on your blog

Write Long Article or Post

Friends, by writing a long article, you get a rank in the top position in Google because you also know that if we write a long post, then we will be able to use our keywords more time in the article, so that Google will know on which topic our post is and We can get the top position.

To create backlinks, you should use a website related to your content, this will give you a targeted audience who will start following if you like your website too.

  • You can write a guest post to create a backlink
  • Backlinks start getting automatically after the website becomes popular.
  • Backlinks should be made of both Dofollow and Nofollow types.

Join Question And Answer Website

To increase traffic to the blog or website, you should join the Question And Answer website.

In Question And Answer website, Quora is a very popular website where if you reply to someone’s question, then you can also get backlinks in your website because while answering the question, you can also give a link to any of your articles.

  • will get backlinks
  • Website authority will increase
  • get a lot of traffic

Increase traffic using email subscribe button

Using email, you can bring unlimited traffic to your website or blog because there are some of your followers who subscribe by clicking the subscribe button on your website, so that whenever you publish a new post, that user’s email The mail is reached by publishing blog posts on the mail, with the help of this technique you can increase the traffic of your website.

Friends, if you want to add a subscribe button on your website, then you can use OneSignal website or Jetpack plugin, it helps you to increase traffic.

Use Internal Linking

Internal Linking का प्रयोग करें

To increase blog or website traffic, internal linking plays a big role because internal linking can increase traffic on our old posts.

While doing internal linking, you should pay attention to one thing that you should do internal linking only at such a place where the user needs it, its trust increases on your website and it is also redirected to your other post, this will also make your post SEO. Along with being friendly, the bounce rate of your website is also reduced.

Google also likes Internal Linking a lot, due to which Google can easily understand your post and crawlers are able to crawl your post quickly, due to which Google provides good ranking to your post.

  • You can increase page views on your old posts
  • Article becomes SEO friendly
  • The user stays on the website for a long time
  • bounce rate goes down

Reduce the loading speed of blog or website

Friends, the loading speed of the block also matters a lot in increasing the traffic because if a user comes to your website and does not get the speed, that is, your site does not open quickly, then Google down ranks the article whose Because of this, you do not get Organic Traffic, so the loading speed on our website or blog should be fast.

  • Use Light Weight Theme
  • Minify JavaScript and CSS
  • Use Powerful Servers
  • Use less redirection

Create YouTube Channel

Create YouTube Channel

Friends, if you want to bring a lot of traffic to your website, then you must create a YouTube channel because by creating a YouTube channel, your videos come in the search results of Google, from where you get traffic indirectly because when you enter the description of your video. If you give a link to the article, then the user will reach the website by clicking on your link.

To get traffic from YouTube, make a video on the same keyword on which you have written the post and give the link of your article in the description, this will give you a lot of traffic.

  • You and your website will become famous
  • Income will double
  • Work will also start to make website
  • Affiliate marketing will also become easier

Final Word

In this post I told you that how you can get full traffic on your Hindi blog and I sincerely hope that you liked my article and I guarantee that if you adopt all these methods then your blog That traffic will be boosted. If you liked this post, then definitely share it in your social media like Facebook WhatsApp groups Thank you.