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how to earn money from my11 circle : Friends, you must have also seen the promotion of Sourav Ganguly on the Internet or TV many times through the My11Circle App in which you can earn money by playing cricket. Today we will tell you how to earn money from My11Circle. We have already given you information about many apps, today we will tell you how to earn money from My11Circle.

By reading this post today, you will understand what is My11Circle and how to earn money from it, friends, if you like to play and watch cricket, you like any game and you can understand by looking at this game, then you can know the situation. You may find My11Circle helpful. And friends, you can also earn money from this platform.

For the game lovers, there is a lot of useful application available on the play store. My11Circle provides you this opportunity. So friends, you must know that cricket is liked in India where people already guess which player will play today and which player will not play and which batsman will hit today and which bowler will take wicket and most important thing. This is which team will win today, after which which batsman will be right to come and it is a matter of fact that we have done it right many times.

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My11 Circle Se Paise Kaise Kamaye | My11 Circle क्या है? | how to earn money from my11 circle | what is My11 circle

My11 Circle Se Paise Kaise Kamaye My11 Circle क्या है

My11 Circle is a Fantasy Game App (Mobile App) which has been launched by Play Games24*7 Pvt.Ltd Company. So we would also tell you that this company has created this first rummy circle application which has become very popular among all of us.

So friends, you must have seen My11circle promotions on your TV or phone while watching IPL 2020 Is. Along with this, money can be earned from it, it also tells that.

As we told you that My11circle is a Fantasy Game App. Fantasy game is that game in which one has to play after thinking through his pre-estimation. Thus here also you have to play the game. Before this, friends you know about mobile apps like Dream11 and Mpl, it is all a Fantasy Game App.

How to Download My11 Circle App?

My11circle App Kaise Download Karen English : As we can download other Fantasy Game App like Dream11 and MPL from its official website, in the same way you can download My11circle App from its website itself. All these fantasy applications are available on the google play store, you can easily install it by searching Jake there in your phone. यह My11circle APK आपको 73.37 MB में google play store में मिल जायेगा। Let us understand in a little detail that How To Download My11circle App In engly.

How to Create My11circle Account?

As soon as you install this application in your phone, you will get the option to sing in, from there you can create your account, you will be given the opportunity to build your team and earn money. But before that you have to create My11circle Account first which is very easy so let us tell you step by step

Step 1 : My11cirle App शुरू होने पर कुछ समय लेगी कुछ 2 से 3 second होगा उसके बाद Login और Registration पेज दिखाई देगा।

Step 2 : आप आपने Facbook ID से भी आप इस aaplication को log in कर सकते हैं या नया Account बनाने के लिए Register पर क्लिक करे।

My11 Circle Se Paise Kaise Kamaye | My11 Circle क्या है? | how to earn money from my11 circle | what is My11 circle

Step 3 : जैसे आप Register के opation पर click करते है जिसमे आप से कुछ पूछा जायेगा

1. What do you want your User Name to be?
2. What do you want password?
3. What do you want email?

Step 4 : इतना करने पर आपका My11circle Account बन जाता है।

When your account is created in My11circle, now you can create your team by taking player, you can bet on that team and you can earn a lot of money from friends MY11circle.

How to create your team on My11circle?

So friends, if you have come here, it means that you have to make your own cricket team now, you can easily make your own cricket team by taking your player, then friends, before making you your cricket team, you have to follow some rules. Will happen.

  1. You have to note that you have to make a team even before the match starts, once the match has started, after that you cannot make a team on this match.
  2. You can take only 11 players in a match that you have to play.
  3. Here you can take 1-4 wicketkeeper, 1-6 batsman, 1-6 all-rounder and 1-6 bowler, you will not have any option to exceed the number mentioned.
  4. So friends, let me tell you one more thing that you have to take player from both the teams, meaning you have to play with 11 players out of 22.

Some Important FAQ About My11 Circle

Q. 1 How to play My11Circle?

Answer :
1. All you have to do is build your fantasy team using 100 credit points
2. You cannot choose more than 7 players from a team
3. You can choose only one wicket keeper
4. You have to choose all the skills (batsman, all-rounder, bowler) for a team

Q. 2 How to earn money with My11Circle App?

Answer : So you can earn money from My11Circle. If you have a good knowledge of cricket, then this app is very important for you. This app has the option of Add cash, in which you can add up to Rs 100, 200, 500 and 1000. After that you can earn good money by paying fees in any live tournament.

Q. 3 My11Circle How to build your team?

Answer :
1. Estimate the number of runs the team batting first can score and the number of wickets it can lose.

2. Estimate how many runs the other team can score and how many will be out like…

3. If the wicket can be more then pay attention to the blowers

Q. 4 How to play Dream11?

Answer : You can choose up to 7 players from any team. After choosing your Dream11 team, you have to select the captain and voice captain of your Dream11 team. After this, select the amount of rupees you want to join the contest. In this way you can play Dream11 game.

Q. 5 Is My11Circle safe?

Answer : Yes it is absolutely safe My11Circle is a game of “skill”. All games hosted by My11Circle are carefully designed and the award winners’ jurisdiction is strictly monitored to ensure legal compliance with the relevant laws currently in force in India.

Q. 6 Which is better Dream 11 or My11Circle?

Answer : Dream11 has more users because it is a more established platform. This means competition is high in the minor and grand leagues. My11Circle could be a good way to win, considering that the number of users is currently less than Dream11.

Q. 7 How can I get 1 Crore in my MY11Circle?

Answer : Never join a league in which more than 20 members can participate, I would recommend you to join to play if you have 20 or less than 20 members. Minimum winning members in the contest 5 or more than 5 members, then you have a good chance to win.

Final Word

Friends, today we have learned a lot about My11Circle, what is My11Circle and can go to My11 Circle Se Paise Kaise Kamaye. You have known its process very well, if you have read the entire article, but only then if there is any other problem regarding this post, then tell us by commenting, we will try our best to help you.

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