How To Compress Blogger Theme Coding – Increase The Speed ​​Of Blog

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Blogger Theme Coding Compress: Want to know how to do it? In today’s post, I am going to give you information related to making blogger blog fast loading because the loading speed of the blog is a ranking factor, if the loading speed of your blog is slow then when will the search engine ranking of your blog website.

Today I will tell you about how to make fast loading by compressing Blogspot Blog Theme Code HTML, CSS JavaScript by adopting which your blog can get high rank in search engines.

To increase the speed of your Blogger blog, you can change the size of the file by compressing CSS, HTML, JavaScript and image.

Bloggers who use BlogSpot often want to get information about how to make blog loading fast.

Like how to compress Blogger HTML, CSS, Java Script Coding, the code file of most blogger templates is not optimized.

If you can manually optimize the methods mentioned in this post, then let us know how to minify Blogger HTML, CSS, Java Script Coding.

It takes more time to search and minify a CSS and Java Script Coding in Theme Coding, that’s why I am going to tell you some such method, by adopting which you can complete the entire Coding (HTML, CSS, JS) of Blog Template and Theme in one. You can compress as well.

Blogger Theme Coding Compress Kare - Blog Ki Speed Badhaye

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Blogger Theme Coding Compress कैसे करें? | How To Compress Blogger Theme Coding?

Before compressing Blogger Blog Theme Coding, you must take the theme backup of your blogger blog so that if there is any mistake in compressing, you can restore the blog theme using Backup Theme.

Step 1

  1. First of all, go to your Blogger Dashboard and click on Theme Option.
  2. After that you have to click on Edit HTML.
  3. Edit HTML पर Click करने के बाद आपको ब्लॉग की Theme coding Open हो जाएगी उसके बाद आपको यह सारी Coding Copy कर लेनी है।
Blog Theme Coding

Note: To copy the theme coding completely, you have to click anywhere with the mouse and after that, by pressing CTRL+A, copy the entire code with CTRL+C.

Step 2

Now you go to the HTML Compressor website, in this you will get the option of Drag File and Paste Code, now you have to paste the copied Theme Coding.

  1. Blogger Theme Code Paste करें।

Note: After pasting the code, you do not have to click on the Compress button, now you have to select more settings.

Step 3

  1. On the right side of the Compress Box, click on the x / html drop down menu in the Code Type option.
  2. After that select Blogger from the Drop Down Menu Items.
blog compression

Step 4

  1. Now click on Show options in the right side of Code Type.
  2. Select the option as per the above screen shot.

Now you click on the Compress Button and wait a bit, it will also take a few seconds for the file to be compressed.

Step 5

After the theme coding is compressed, you can see in the right side that how much is the Compression Ratio Percent, below this you will also get the option of download, now by clicking here next to the download, you can download the Compressed Theme in XML format.

  1. Select All Button पर क्लिक करके सारे Code को Copy कर ले।
Select All And Copy or Download

Step 6

After copying the Compressed Theme, you come back to the Blogger Dashboard and click on Theme Option.

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Theme >> Edit HTML.
  2. Now remove all the code of HTLM Box and paste the compressed code.
  3. After pasting the code, save it by clicking on Save Theme.

Note: You select all the coding by pressing CTRL + A Button and then paste the coding by pressing CTRL + V Button.

Note: You can open your blog and see that your blog will load faster than last time, you can see your blog using tools like GTmetrix, Pingdom, and Google Page Speed ​​etc. The total page size of your blog theme has also reduced, your loading speed Has also been boosted.

Important Note: After compressing the theme in your blog, whenever you edit the theme coding, then you do not get any code, then you will have to upload the backup theme again and after editing it will be compressed back and uploaded to the blog.

Final Word

In today’s post, we told you about how to compress Blogger Blog Theme Coding, I hope you must have liked this post and you will be able to easily speed up the loading of your Blogger Blog.

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