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How to add table of contents in blogger post? new guide in englishhindiblogs

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Friends, in today’s post, I will tell about Blogger post me table of contents, which will improve the SEO of your blog and using table of contents will also improve the readability of the post.

The way the table of contents is found at the beginning of all the books, in which all the headings and subheadings are present in that book, with the help of which we get to know what has been told in this book.

Similarly, if we write a long blog post, then we put a table of contents at the beginning of that post so that it is easy for the readers to read.

We can use the plugin to use table of contents in any post in WordPress website, but this is not possible in Blogger website, so we will add TOC with the help of some coding.

What is Table of Contents and how to add (TOC) in blogger?

Blogger Post Me Table Of Contents Kaise Add Kare New Guide

Table of contents is an overview of the blog post, in which the headings and subheadings of our post (h1, h2, h3, h4) are in the form of hyperlinks, which makes it easy for the user to read the content.

With the help of Table of Contents, the user can jump by clicking on any of the headings and the SEO and navigation of our post also becomes good.

How to add table of contents in blogger post?

To create a table of contents in Blogger posts, we will use some HTML code and if you do not know HTML code, still you can add table of contents to your Blogger post after reading this post.

One more thing should be noted that table of contents should be made only in big post because there is no benefit by putting table of contents in small post.

Let us now learn to put table of contents from HTML step by step.

  • सबसे पहले Blogger में login करके अपने किसी भी post को edit करे और edit करने के बाद HTML view में चले जाये और उसके अंदर आपके सभी h2 से लेकर h6 tags मिल जायेंगे।
Heading tags blogger mein lagaye
heading in html find kare
  • Now you have to search your headings and give them a unique identity.
  • For that we will use the ID attribute in the starting tag of the headings.
  • Keep in mind one thing, provide unique ID to every headings and remember their IDs or note them somewhere.
html tag id daale
  • After giving the ID to the headings, wherever you want to place the table of contents in the post, write all those headings as normal text and select each heading and add a link to them.
Heading List mein link add kare
  • Now select any one of the headings and by clicking on the link option, write the ID of the selected headings in the url field after # and click on the ok button.
link hash tag ke sath add kare
  • Similarly, the text of all headings has to be selected and their IDs have to be written with # in the link. After doing so much work, update your post and keep one thing in mind that in the table of contents you have given links, use bullets for stylish.

Final Words On Adding Table Of Contents

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