Hostinger Review India & Globally 2023: Should You Host Your WordPress Site?

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Hostinger Review India & Globally 2023: In today’s time, many people want to earn money by blogging and website. But the biggest problem of a beginner blogger or website is that they do not have enough budget to buy a good hosting and build their website.

Although there are many hosting companies in the market that provide good service, but new bloggers cannot decide which hosting is best for them. If you are also confused about buying hosting, then today’s article is going to be very important for you.

New bloggers buy cheap hosting for themselves due to low budget, which does not provide good service and their customer support is also not good. Due to which we have to face many problems later. That’s why in today’s article, I have brought you the review of Hostinger Hosting. The services of this hosting are very good and its customer support is also very good. If you are a new blogger then this hosting will also come in your budget.

So let’s start and try to know in detail about Hostinger Review like Hostinger is a web Hosting company, what features do you get in it, should you use it on your website or not, how much money to buy it costs etc.

What is Hostinger

Hostinger is an American company that provides domain and web hosting at very low prices. Hostinger web hosting company was started in the year 2004. Initially this company was named Hosting Media but later in the year 2011, the name of this company was changed to Hostinger.

The special thing about Hostinger is that you get to see many types of discounts on it, which is much less than other hosting companies. At present, more than 30 million websites are hosted on Hostinger.

Hosting Hosting is best for both website in India and Globally. If you are a Beginner Blogger then you can host your website on Hostinger which will be done in very less budget.

Apart from this, you get the best services in this and in this you also get 24*7 customer support. Along with this, this hosting company also gives you 99.9% uptime guarantee which is a great thing for new bloggers.

Hostinger’s user interface is quite easy and user-friendly. In this, you do not get Cpanel like the rest of the hosting company, but you get Hpanel which is very easy to use. Even if you are weak in technical, you will be able to operate it very easily.

At present I am also using Hostinger web hosting. And most of my website is hosted on Hostinger only. So today I have brought the article of Hostinger Review India & Globally so that you too can know about this hosting very well.

Top Features of Hostinger Web Hosting

Just as you go shopping for any kind of product, first of all you must see once about the features of that product so that you can get a good idea about that product.

In the same way, if we want to buy hosting, then it is very important for us to first see its features so that you can get a good idea about that hosting company. Although there are many features of Hostinger, but in this article I cannot tell you about all its features.

But yes, I can definitely tell you about some of its special features which are very important to buy hosting. So let’s know about those features one by one.

1. Website Backup

In this you get the feature of website backup which is a great thing for any website. Many times some problem comes in us due to which our website crashes which is a common problem. But if you do not keep a backup of your website, then this problem can be very big for you. Because after the crash, there is also a fear of deleting all the data of your website. In such a situation, if you keep a backup of your website, then you can restore the deleted data of your website again.

Apart from this, suppose that someone hacked your website and tries to steal the data of your website or some kind of virus comes on your website. In such a situation, to save your website, you can delete your website by making a backup of your website and then restore that data.

2. SSD Storage

In this hosting, you get up to 200GB of SSD storage, which can be more or less according to its plan. If you buy its premium plan, then you get 100GB SSD storage in it.

In any of its plans, you do not get unlimited storage like the rest of the hosting company. But the storage mentioned in it is correct, meaning if the company has written 100GB storage in your plan, then it will be the same.

Many hosting companies write some more storage in their plan and give something else to the customer, due to which the customer has to face a lot of problem later.

3. Free Domain

Domain is the name of your website that you go to any website by searching. Domain name is very important for making any website. You cannot create a website without a domain name.

There are many companies that provide domain names, for which you have to pay some money. But if you buy Hostinger from Hostinger then you get a free domain. But this offer is available only for premium and business web hosting plans. If you buy its basic plan then you do not get free domain and you need to buy domain separately.

4. Free SSL Certificate

In today’s time, many companies are doing their business online, for which they need a website. But there are many hackers also present on the Internet, who live in the same way that they can steal the data of big companies.

In this case SSL certificate is required which protects our website from hackers and makes our website secure. It is an encryption protocol.

If you purchase hosting from Hostinger, then you get the facility of free SSL certificate in all its plans, so that your website remains secure and important information of the user on your website is also safe.

5. Unlimited Bandwidth

If your website becomes old and suddenly a lot of traffic starts coming to your website, then there is a risk of your website crashing or server down, due to which all your traffic can also be down.

But if you buy web hosting from Hosting, then you will not have any problem with traffic. Because in its basic plan itself, you get 100GB of bandwidth, which is quite a lot. And if you buy its premium or business plan then you get to see unlimited bandwidth. So if a large amount of traffic comes to your website at once, then there is no need to inform you.

6. 24*7 Customer Support

Hostinger web hosting can provide cheap and good web hosting as well as provides good customer support. You get to see 24*7 customer support in this. If you have any problem regarding your hosting then you can directly talk to its customer support.

You get their reply within a few minutes of contacting the customer support. Along with this, you also get the support of live chat which is done manually and when you tell your problem to them, they try to solve your problem themselves. Apart from this, you can also ask your question on their email but it takes some time to get reply from this.

Advantage & Disadvantage of Hostinger Web Hosting

When you know what is Hostinger and what are its features, then it is very important for you to know about its advantages and disadvantages as well. Because everything has some advantages and some disadvantages.

In the same way, Hostinger web hosting also has some advantages and some disadvantages, which you need to know about. So let’s first know about the advantages of Hostinger and then about its disadvantages.

Hostinger’s Pros

  • Hostinger does not have Cpanel like other hosting, but Hpanel has been given, whose user interface is very easy and anyone can use it very easily.
  • You get 24*7 customer support at Hostinger which is quite true. If there is any kind of technical issue in your website which is related to hosting, then it is fixed by this company soon.
  • It offers 100GB bandwidth in its single plan and unlimited bandwidth in the premium and business plans, which eliminates the hassle caused by high traffic.
  • If you purchase its premium or business plan, then you get a free domain.
  • Free SSL certificate is provided in all Hostinger plans, due to which your website remains safe from hackers.
  • Hostinger’s shared hosting plan costs very little, which is a great deal for a beginner blogger.
  • It is very easy to install WordPress website on Hostinger, you can install your WordPress website on it in few steps.

Hostinger’s Cons

  • If you take the basic web hosting plan of Hostinger, then you can host only one website in it and you do not get free domain in it.
  • Free CDN is not given in its basic and premium plans, for this you need to take its business plan.
  • The facility of daily backup is given in Hostinger’s business plan only.

Hostinger Web Hosting Plans and Price

If you have read the above article, then by now you must have come to know that Hostinger is very cheap and good web hosting. If you do not trust then you can compare Hostinger with other web hosting. After this, you can purchase the hosting which you find cheap and good.

By the way, in Hostinger, you get to see many types of hosting like Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting India and VPS Hosting. But if you are a beginner blogger then shared hosting will be best for you which is available in very less budget. So below I am going to tell you about the price of shared hosting which is important for you.

You get 3 plans in shared hosting.

1. Single Web Hosting Plan 79 Rs. Per Month

2. Premium Web Hosting Plan 179 Rs. Per Month

3. Business Web Hosting Plan 279 Rs. Per Month

Here below I have given the list of Shared Hosting Plans. which is like this –

Hostinger Web Hosting Plan

FeaturesSingle Web HostingPremium Web HostingBusiness Web Hosting
Websites1 Websites100 Websites100 Websites
SSD Storage30 GB100 GB200 GB
Visit Monthly1000025000100000
Free Email Account1100100
SSL CertificateFreeFreeFree
Free DomainNoYesYes
Bandwidth100 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Managed WordPressYesYesYes
WordPress AccelerationYesYesYes
30 Days Money Back GuaranteeYesYesYes
Free CDNNoNo Yes
24*7 Customer SupportYesYesYes
99.9% Uptime GuranteeYesYesYes
FTP Accounts1UnlimitedUnlimited
DNS ManagementYesYesYes
Access ManagerYesYesYes
Cloudflare Protected NameserverYesYesYes

How to Buy Shared Hosting from Hostinger

Buying hosting from Hostinger is not that difficult. You can buy web hosting in a very easy way by following the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: First of all, you have to open Google in your browser and search by typing Hostinger. After searching, some websites will come in front of you, you have to go to Hostinger.

Step 2: After visiting this website, you will see the hosting option, you have to click on it, after which you will see a list of all types of web hosting, click on whatever hosting you want to buy. I am choosing shared web hosting here because it is best for new website.

Hostinger Review
Hostinger Review

Step 3: After clicking on Shared Hosting, a page will open in front of you, scroll down that page and come down a bit where you will see all the plans of Shared Hosting. Select the plan you want to buy according to you. To purchase you have to click on Add to Cart. I am selecting premium plan here.

Hostinger Review
Hostinger Review

Step 4: As soon as you click on Add to Cart, you will come to the next page where you will be asked to select how long you want to take the web hosting. I am selecting web hosting for 12 months.

Hostinger Review
Hostinger Review

Step 5: After this the option will come after making the last payment. You can do it through whatever method you want to make the payment.

Hostinger Review
Hostinger Review

In this way you can buy new hosting for yourself so Click The Button GRAB OFFER Now.

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

If you want to work on the website for a long time, will it be okay to purchase hosting from Hostinger?

Hostinger is a Trusted Web Hosting Company. Which is being used by more than 30 million people. Along with this, Hostinger provides the cheapest and best web hosting. You also get to see good discounts on its plans and its customer support is also very good. So if you want to work on the website for a long time, then you can purchase Hostinger Web Hosting without any hassle.

Does Hostinger Provide Free Domain?

Yes, it is absolutely true that Hostinger provides domain for free. But this happens only when you take Hostinger’s Premium Web Hosting Plan or Business Web Hosting Plan. With its Single Web Hosting Plan, you are not given a free domain.

Is Hostinger Best for Blogging?

If you want to do blogging and your budget is less then you can take Hostinger Web Hosting. In this you get good features and also good discount. If you were looking for a cheap hosting then Hostinger is the best for you.

Is CDN available in the initial plans of Hostinger?

No, CDN is not available in the initial plans of Hostinger.

Conclusion: Hostinger Review India 2023

Friends, in today’s article, I have given you detailed information about Hostinger Review India 2023. If you have read this article till the end then I hope you have decided which web hosting will be best for you.

If you have any query related to Hostinger Review, then you must tell us by writing in the comment below.

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