Holi English Shayari

Shayari on Holi festival 2021 (Holi Festival Shayari SMS In English)

Celebrate Holi with caution. At the same time, make your life colorful, mix it with memories of memories. getting along with loved one’s festival to celebrate Holi Which is made more memorable by the English poetry written below.

Holi Festival Shayari or SMS in English

Holi Shayari in English

  • “In this world full of colors, Holi is a colorful festival,
    Holi is the festival of celebrating happiness by forgetting the grievances.

Holi is the colorful message of the colorful world,

Everywhere there is a buzz, “Bura na maan Holi hai Holi”.

  • “Let there be a colorful atmosphere, be with your loved ones

Enjoy the sweetness of delicious dishes.

then what are you delaying man
Pick up gulal and do dhamaal dear..”

  • no race of colors
    They bring only the gift of happiness
    let’s go hand in hand
    Holi is Holi, let’s apply colors

  • Pitchkari showered in the markets
    Everyone asks for unique pichkari every time
    children love festivals
    That’s what makes festivals blossom

  • many names of colors
    Some say red some say yellow
    We just know Holi of happiness
    Eliminate anger and hatred and celebrate Holi

Holi Shayari

  • Every festival has its own mood
    Every instrument gives a message of happiness
    Our country is the king of festivals
    Stay together, be happy, this is the message of Holi

Holi Shayari in english

  • Holi is just an excuse
    What we have to come close to Saajan
    Sanam will paint you like this
    Won’t be able to forget me this life
    Holi Shayari in english

Colors rain like this
the memories became colorful
as long as you were with me
Holi color used to rise every part

holi shayari in english

Kanhaiya in Raas Rachaye Gaukul
Color Rasiya should be made in Holi
decorated with colors
Even today the gopis follow the path of Kanha with color

holi shayari

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