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From nearly dying at Euro 2020 to signing for Manchester United-EnglishHindiBlogs-SportsNews

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But those harrowing images of his teammates forming a human shield around him as he receives treatment on the field, and his partner running across the field in tears, are in stark contrast to where Eriksen is today. It has been a remarkable recovery.

The toymaker was later fitted with an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD), a type of pacemaker intended to prevent fatal cardiac arrests by discharging a jolt to restore a regular heart rhythm.

Former Inter Milan terminated his contract – Serie A rules do not allow footballers to play in Serie A with an ICD – but he refused to give up his ambitions to return to the beautiful game.

The 30-year-old announced in January that his heart was “not an obstacle” and that he signed for English Premier League club Brentford later that month.

He made his debut for West London at the end of February – 259 days after his collapse – to standing ovations as he came off the bench in a home defeat to Newcastle, before starting on a winning streak. .

At his best, Eriksen is one of the most creative and effective midfielders in the game.

United boss Eric Ten-Hag is leading a major overhaul at Old Trafford and fans hope figures like Eriksen will reverse years of poor performance.

During his seven years at Spurs, and his short stint at Brentford, Eriksen played 237 Premier League games – scoring 52 goals and making 71 assists.

The midfielder played 115 matches for Denmark, scoring 38 goals for his country.

“Manchester United is a special club and I can’t wait to get started,” Eriksen said in a statement released on Friday. “I’ve had the privilege of playing at Old Trafford a few times but doing so in the red shirt for Manchester United would be a great feeling.”

“I’ve watched Eric’s work at Ajax and know the level of detail and preparation he and his staff put in every day. He’s clearly a great coach.”

“Having spoken to him and learned more about his vision and the way he wants the team to play, I am even more excited for the future. I still have great ambitions in the game, there is a great deal I know I can achieve, and this is the perfect place to continue my journey.”



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