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FIFA World Cup crazed kid, went to school with a hairstyle like a famous footballer, teacher kicked him out! -EnglishHindiBlogs-News

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The FIFA World Cup is on and all the countries are busy in winning the title. In one way, the competition is going on in Qatar, on the other hand, the fans cheering their respective teams are also in a football frenzy. Everyone is boosting the morale of the team in their own way and showing love towards their favorite player. Recently, a child from England also made a hairstyle like his favorite footballer (Kid got hairstlye like Ronaldo) and reached his school. But he did not know that such hairstyle would not be accepted in the school.

According to the Daily Star News website, 12-year-old Alfie Ransom studies at Sirius West Academy in Hull, England, and like other football fans, he is also in love with a footballer. . The name of this footballer is Ronaldo (Ronaldo iconic hairstyle) who was a legendary player of Brazil, however, now he has retired. One of Ronaldo’s hairstyles created panic all over the world during the 2002 World Cup and people copied that a lot.

Seeing the child’s bizarre hairstyle, he was immediately sent home from school. (Photo: Twitter/@44vibeTV)

Child reached school dressed like Ronaldo
Alfie also thought of doing the same and got a haircut like Ronaldo and reached his school. In this hairstyle, short hair in a semi circle shape is on the front part of the head while the rest of the head is hairless. He thought everyone would praise him, but the child’s teachers refused to accept his hairstyle and sent him home. They say that he has violated the rules of the school.

The child liked the hairstyle of friends
Speaking to the Hull Live website, the child’s 32-year-old mother, Emma, ​​said that nowadays schools do not ask children to change, but adopt them according to their nature and behaviour. Even their appearance is not commented upon. Similarly, not adopting this hairstyle is a mistake on the part of the school. The mother said that Ronaldo is her son’s favorite player. Alfie’s friends liked the hairstyle, but the school administration says that the child can come to school only when he is completely bald or has grown hair.

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