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FIFA WC in Numbers: The Football World Cup was played for the first time in 1930. Then it was organized in the South American country Uruguay. Since then there have been 21 World Cups, in which 8 teams have won the title. Most times Brazil’s team (5) has become the champion. After this Italy and Germany have won this titer 4-4 times. Only the host country has got the trophy 6 times. Know important information related to the World Cup in some such special numbers …

16: Germany striker Miroslav Klose is the player to score the most World Cup goals (16) so far. He scored these goals between 2002 and 2014.

13: France holds the record for most goals scored in a single World Cup. In 1958 this team scored 13 goals.

56: Uruguay’s Jose Batista was shown the red card in just 56 seconds in the 1986 World Cup.

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3,34,000: Iceland has been the smallest country to play the FIFA World Cup. When this country landed in the World Cup in 2018, its population was not even 3.5 lakhs.

80: Qatar will become the 80th country to field its team in the Football World Cup.

32: 32 teams are participating in the FIFA World Cup 2022. Since 1998, 32 teams have been involved in every World Cup.

27.7: Argentina’s squad is the oldest in the World Cup being held in Qatar. The average age of this squad is 27.7 years.

24.5: The USA squad is the youngest in Qatar. The average age of this squad is 24.5.

5 billion: More than half of the Earth’s population is expected to watch the FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar.

11,582: Qatar is the smallest country to host the FIFA World Cup. The area of ​​this country is only 11,582 square km.

357: The total prize money in the FIFA World Cup being held in Qatar is Rs 357 crore.

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