wikipedia Biography of Gregory L. Robinson, age, family, net worth, Nasa JWST mission, & more

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Biography of Gregory L. Robinson – Wikipedia

Biography of Gregory L. Robinson – Wikipedia: Have you heard about JSWT before? JSWT is nothing but James’s web space telescope and Gregory L. Robinson is the director of the space mission at NASA. He is an American engineer who was born on September 19, 1960, in Danville, Virginia, USA. He completed his formal education at a local government school. Due to his hard work and good grades in primary school he got the opportunity to study at Averett university for pursuing an MBA degree. His educational performance at Averett University was excellent and because of this, he got an offer from Howard University for pursuing his B.S.

Biography of Gregory L. Robinson

Biography of Gregory L. Robinson - Wikipedia
Biography of Gregory L. Robinson – Wikipedia

Gregory L. Robinson was into science and technology and because of this he always wanted to work at NASA from the beginning. As we know, if we desperately want something from bottom of our heart and try to manifest those things in our minds, Nature helps us to make our dreams into reality which is also called the law of attraction. Here, this Law of Attraction worked for Mr. Gregory L. Robinson. in 1989 He got the opportunity to work at NASA.

NASA Senior executive recognized his talent and immediately gave him a manager-level position at Goddard space flight reserch center. Then he got another promotion in 2007 as deputy center director at the John H. Glenn Research and Development Centre of NASA. After this promotion, he worked so hard to make each and every NASA mission so successful.

Because of his talent and Hard working attitude Finally, he got the biggest opportunity to represent himself in front of the world as a director of James Webb’s telescope program. Gregory L. Robinson has a versatile personality. Despite being a vital part of NASA, he also likes to teach engineering management and system engineering at George Washington University. His students love and admire him so much because of his loving and curious nature.

Robinson’s supervisor, Mr. Thomas Zurbuchen Calls him the most innovative and talented director of the space mission NASA has ever seen in history. Robinson always likes to motivate his colleagues while working on different impossible space missions. He always likes to talk about space and technology. About other planets and their life possibilities. He always wanted to go into space and feel the beauty of the Galaxy through his bare eyes.

But due to his responsibility and busy schedule of different space missions at NASA he never got time to fulfill this dream. But somehow he accomplished his dream by sending James a Webb telescope into the Galaxy instead of himself. He worked hard on the manufacturing technology of James Webb for more than a decade. The day on which NASA’s James went started sending data toward earth he retired. He spent three decades, almost 33 years at NASA while working in different positions.

Recently Hi Named as Times Top 100 most influential people in the year 2022. According to Forbes magzine, the Net worth of Gregory L. Robinson is more than $1.5 million dollars. There are many space scientists came before Gregory L. Robinson but the way he handle, lead, and made missions successful under his guidance nobody did this before in the history of the National aeronautical space research agency.

Before December 25 nobody knows anything about Gregory L. Robinson. But the day on which James Webb’s telescope started sending eye-catching images of space including the recent image of Neptune ring structure. Every which is spent by JWST in space is bringing new discoveries which the world has never witnessed. The image quality of these images is incomparably good.

If you want NASA’s James Webb images in full resolution, download and visit the official website of where you can download those images and zoom them out to thousands of pixels. NASA’s James Webb telescope images are way better than the Hubble telescope images.

Personal Life

Gregory L. Robinson married Cynthia in 1982 in Manassas, VA. They spent 30 years of their lives together. Robinson has three beautiful adult daughters and many grandchildren.


Biography of Gregory L. Robinson - Wikipedia
Gregory L. Robinson talking with Joe Biden

Biography of Gregory L. Robinson, age, family, net worth, Nasa JWST mission, and more

During his 30 years with NASA, Mr. Robinson received the most renowned individual and group performance awards for research and development, including the Presidential Rank award, Distinguished Executive award; and Meritorious Senior Professionals and Executives Award in 2020.

In 2016 NASA launched the James Webb telescope from Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. NASA Deputy Associate was present there with other NASA officials while looking at the launching of JSWT which he worked on for more than a decade. It was such an emotional and heart-touching moment as well as an overwhelming moment for Mr. Gregory Robinson.

Director of JSWT ( James Webb space telescope)


James Webb telescope had a Manufacturing cost of around $10 Billion. Some of the European space and Canadian space agencies came together for accomplishing this mission. there were more than 20,000 collaborators and 29 countries were involved in this mission including the USA.

When Daily Hunt news reporter steve Inskeep asked a question to Gregory Robinson About are you afraid at the time of launching JSWT into space? He said: “I have never doubted its lift above the ground. From the day I started and finished my work over JSWT I was 100% sure about its working potential. I was just waiting for the day when we were going to send it off the ground to achieve a new milestone in the unending space.

Very few people know that Robinson was the ninth child out of eleven siblings. He is the son of sharecroppers who live in a rural area of Virginia. Once in an interview he said that when I was a child I never Dreamt about Space, And If you ask me the same question now then still space is not at the top of my list,

I Grew up watching Moon mission on neighbors black and white TV and I consider JSWT mission is not less than Milestone which NASA achieve when Neil Armstrong put his first step on the Moon and safely came back to Earth.

While Danville sharecropping was the main source of income for every family who lived there, Gregory Robinson says there were people who always worked on farms for the sake of a few portions of food they got from that land. they never did any other life there their entire life, but I was different. I went to elementary school where my teacher said you can choose your career and you can go wherever you want to go if you have a good education.

I don’t want to work like a loser on a farm despite of this I choose to build a successful career through good education at migration from Virginia.

Gregory Robinson – The Impressive Images from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope | The Daily Show

Gregory Robinson – The Impressive Images from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope | The Daily Show

Frequently asked questions

  1. What has JWST done so far?

    James Webb space telescope clicks images of some of the unidentified regions in space, Due to its higher resolution images we can go into the past where we can see the process of formation of our solar system. How life started growing on earth and its evolution in between Billions of years.

  2. How far is the Webb telescope from the sun?

    According to an official report by the NASA space agency, World’s most powerful space telescope JWST is 1 million years away from the sun.

  3. When did JSWT begin construction?

    Under the Guidance of sir Gregory L. Robinson. Construction of the James Webb space telescope started in 2004.

  4. Where can I watch JWST live?

    Nobody has access to JWST except NASA officials. But you can get the latest update about JWST on the NASA TV youtube channel for free.

  5. When is the JWST launch?

    the James Webb space telescope launched on December 25, 2021, from the space station in Kourou, French Guiana.


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