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Bettors like Lakers’ title odds despite no big deals-EnglishHindiBlogs-News

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The Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat saw their championship odds improve in sportsbooks on Thursday when news broke that Kevin Durant was requesting a trade from the Brooklyn Nets and was reportedly eyeing the two contenders.

However, the Beaters are moving to a team that hasn’t made a significant move on the roster that missed the playoffs last season – the Los Angeles Lakers.

In the span of 24 hours, starting Thursday afternoon, several sportsbooks reported an increase in betting interest on the Lakers to win next season’s championship. The Lakers’ title odds went from 22-1 to 10-1 at Caesars Sportsbook, with Los Angeles handling 3.5 times more bets than any other team since Wednesday afternoon. The Lakers were involved in the rush of action, betting $10,000 at odds 22-1 from a bookie in New York, according to Kaiser.

“People always think the Lakers will end up with everyone else,” Eric Fenstermacher, senior trading manager at Kaiser Sportsbook, said in a company release Friday. in the NBA title market.

The DraftKings put a flurry of bets on the Lakers. A DraftKings spokesperson told ESPN that as of Thursday afternoon, more bets were placed on the Lakers than any other team.

The Nets increased their odds at Kaiser Sportsbook from 15-2 to 35-1 following news of Durant’s trade request. Fenstermaker said Brooklyn will likely grow to even bigger long shots.

“The net is now 35-1, probably still too low, but it depends on what they get for Durant,” Fenstermacher said. “If they’re going to punt and roll [Ben] Simmons and a group without a name, they’re going to be 80-1 or 100-1.”

The Nets started last season as the consensus favorites to win the NBA title.




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