[Best 71] Republic Day Wishes Quotes in English [Thought 2023]

Dear friends, 71st Republic Day will be celebrated in India on 26 January 2023. Hearty congratulations to all of you on the auspicious occasion of Republic Day..!! On this day the whole country is filled with the feeling of patriotism.
On this auspicious occasion, you can wish your friends and relatives with the help of Republic Day Quotes, SMS & Wishes. That’s why we are sharing the priceless promise of 26 January.

Republic Day 2023 Quotes

Republic Day Wishes Quotes
#1. O man!
Neither Hindu nor Muslim,
Not a slave to corruption
just be a human
by doing some such deeds,
Don’t be ashamed of yourself!!
#2.Give us such a beautiful life
sacrificed many people
fashion blinds us
in youthful youth
What will we understand if we get the gift of this freedom?
We have never suffered the pain of slavery!!

#3.That too was a period of childhood
There was joy in the republic too
i don’t know why i’m so big
There has been religious hatred in humanity!!

Republic Day Song

#4.This is the story of the sacrifice of the heroes
These are the signs of mother’s sacrifice.
Don’t destroy it by fighting like this
countries are precious
Don’t auction it in the name of religion!!
#5.Don’t ask from time immemorial
is our story
our identity is
so that we all
are Hindustani!!
#6.After a light rain,
A little happiness after everything,
Similarly, wish you the best.
Independence again after 2019!!

#7.This is the tricolor,this is the pride of the tricolor,
Pride is tricolor, pride is tricolor,
My life is tricolor!!

Republic Day Mashup

#8 Some celebrity dies for some fun
Some hate some love dies on some attachment
This is the country of those lovers
Every man would die on his Hindustan!!
#9.Never let the spirit of freedom go down
Whenever it is needed, I will lay down my life for the country.
Because India is our country now again
Will not let any harm come to this!!

#10.My country my country mine
This country is of progress of peace
Love love!!

Republic Day Motivational Quotes in English

#11. Will always uphold the honor of my country
I will also sacrifice my heart for this
If you get a chance to work for the country
So without a shroud I will sleep for the country!!
#12. Neither the government is mine nor the pride is mine
Not a big name is mine, I am proud of a small thing
I belong to “Hindustan” and “Hindustan” is mine!!
#13. No one can leave our country like this
No one can break our relationship like this
Heart is one, our soul is one
Hindustan is ours, this is our pride!!

#14. We also know how to shake hands
and shake hands
We also worship Gandhiji
And to Chandrashekhar Azad too!!
#15. You are the identity of India,
You are the life of Jammu,
You wish for the border,
You are the heart of Delhi,
And you are the name of India

Republic Day Raazi

#16.Mukut Himalaya
tricolor in heart
Ganga has brought in Aanchal
all virtue, art and
look at gems
Mother India has come…..
Long live Mother India…
#17. Indian soldiers say –
So many things to tell the winds,
There will be light, keep the lamps burning.
Whom we protected by giving blood,
Keep that tricolor in your eyes.
#18.Mother you salute
you sit on your head
this is my pride
I found the tricolor in the shroud
this will be your gift
May every life bloom in your lap
this will be my wish
#19.Republic of India is respected in the whole world,
The wonderful pride of India, which has been blooming for decades,
History has been created by giving respect to all religions.
That’s why every countryman has faith in it.
Happy Republic Day ||
#20.By the Sacrifice of the Patriots
we are free
if someone asks who
proudly say we are indian

Happy Republic Day Wishes in English

#21. People die at the border
they become lucky immortals
it’s my bad luck
we go on living a normal life
#22. The strings of the heart are attached to him
I will not be unfaithful
There is peace in his devotion
O mother of India, do you accept my head?
#23. Only when a real republic is formed
when common out of the constitution
get involved in people’s lives
Let’s do something like that to show everyone
Let us be respected
Happy Republic Day.

Vande Mataram

#24.Let’s bow down and salute them
Whose part comes this
lucky that blood
who serves the country
#25. Such is the beauty of my country
There is pride in the heart of the tricolor
no more love for life
Mother India’s caress became life
#26. If you want to swim then swim in the sea,
What is kept in the river drains,
If you want to love then do it from the country,
What is there in these unfaithful people?
happy republic day
#27. Salute to those heroes today
because of whom this day comes
that mother is also lucky
Sacrifice whose children are useful for the country
#28. Hatred of Hindu Muslim
Don’t make my mother’s love so non
all are equal in his heart
Everyone is together in this is his pride
#29. This is the desire God to give every birth of Hindustan,
If you give, then give the practice of patriotism in the heart,
Don’t give us money, don’t give fame, don’t teach us anything,
I bow my head to give this cube of courage to the enemy,
If you give, then give the practice of patriotism in the heart.
Happy Republic Day!
#30. Some intoxicants belong to the flag of the tricolor
Some intoxication is of the pride of the motherland
We will wave this tricolor everywhere
Intoxication is the pride of India

Republic Day SMS in English

#31.Is Hindu or Muslim
what sikh or christian
my mother said
we are all brothers
#32. Many lovers meet throughout the time
But no one is more beautiful than the country
Many have died after being wrapped in notes, confined to gold.
But there is no shroud more beautiful than the tricolor
#33. The country was left in the pursuit of money
O country, I got away from you
I didn’t know
the smell of earth
I didn’t understand
love of loved ones
Today when I saw the tricolor
miss my homeland
today when i heard the national anthem
I felt the smell of the country
#34. I will give one piece to another for my country
I will guard the border night and day for my country
This is my sacrifice for my country
I will give my life if needed for my country.
#35. Saw America, Seen London,
saw paris and saw japan,
Somewhere in the whole world you will find India..
We all feel proud to be an Indian.
Happy Republic Day
#36.Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna
now in our hearts
Have to see how loud is there in a murderer
#37. The country you were born in…
If you are not a devotee of that country…
You did not drink mother’s milk and you did not have father’s blood… Vande Mataram !!
Happy Republic Day!

#38. The Shama who came in handy for Anjuman,
The passion that should be sacrificed for the country,
We also keep that spirit,
who died for India
#39. Will never let Azad’s evening happen,
Will not let the sacrifice of martyrs be defamed,
Whatever a drop of warm blood is left,
Till then the Aanchal of Mother India will not be auctioned!
Happy Republic Day!
#40.I am its Hanuman
this country is my ram
take the country of chest rip
Hindustan is sitting inside

26 January Patriotic Quotes

#41. Useless children of lofty India,
if it was valentines/friendship day
By now there would have been 100 SMS…
Come on, it’s a great day…
So wish everybody
JAI HIND… Happy Republic Day
#42. The one who climbed up laughed and crucified
who ate the bullet in the chest
we salute them
on the lost country
we salute them

Republic Patriotic Mashup

#43. Never bowed your head..
and will never bow down,
Those who live on their own…
Truly life is the same…
Live being a true Indian…
Happy Republic Day!
#44. The one who climbed up laughed and crucified
who ate the bullet in the chest
we salute them
on the lost country
we salute them
#45. Soldiers get up, enemies are sms on sms,
and you are sleeping…
get up, take revenge
He will send a sms you do 5,
Do Tehas Nahas Kar Do Enemy’s Inbox ||
Jai Hindi.

#46. Sweet love my country.
Decorated my country.
The world should be proud of.
New star my country.
Silver-gold is my country.
Successful Salona my country.
The corner of happiness is my country.
Wishing you a very Happy Republic Day.
#47.Let’s wake ourselves up again
re-twist the stick of discipline
The golden color of the republic is from the blood of the martyrs
We all bow our heads to such martyrs.

Vande Mataram Audio 3DQ

#48.Bharat Mata Teri Saga,
Your highest glory
bow your head before you,
Give us all respect to you ||
Long live Mother India.
#49. If there is fire in the moon, what should Amber do?
If Suman is evil, what should Chaman do?
My tricolor cried to me and said,
If only the chairs are corrupt, what should my country do?
Wishing you a very Happy Republic Day.
#50.tell this to the wind
Light will have to keep the lamps burning
Whom we protected by giving blood
Always keep such tricolor in the heart

26 January Quotes in English

#51.Neither with tongue nor with eyes,
Neither with mind nor with colours,
Neither with greeting nor with gift,
Aapko 26 Jan Mubarat Direct Dil Se ||
Happy Republic day 2023.
#52. Where the language of love is paramount,
Where the hope of religion is paramount
Such is my country Hindustan,
Where the feeling of patriotism is paramount.
Happy Republic Day to all of you!
#53.Abhi Mar Ke Dekha Bewafa for Sanam
Even the scarf was not found for the shroud
die once and look for the country
Will get tricolor for shroud
#54. Be proud to be an Indian,
Let’s celebrate the festival of democracy together,
Defeat the enemies of the country together,
Waving the tricolor at home ||
This is Hind Jai Bharat.
#55.The second name of love is my country,
My country is a symbol of unity among many
I don’t mind listening to the moon.
Be it Hindi or Muslim everyone’s favorite is my country.
Vande Matram

#56. At all times my eyes dream of the earth
Whenever I die, the tricolor should be my shroud,
And there is no desire in life anymore,
Whenever I am born, India is my homeland.
Wishing you a very Happy Republic Day.
#57. Not just celebrating,
Not just waving flags,
This is not enough on the homeland.
don’t forget the memories
To carry forward the words of those who were sacrificed,
Not for God
spend life for homeland
#58. Tricolor will now be hoisted all over the sky,
India’s name will be on everyone’s tongue,
Will take his life or give my life,
Anyone who will raise their eyes on our Hindustan.

Republic Day Quotes in Hindi

#59.एक राष्ट्र की संस्कृति उसके लोगों के दिलों और आत्मा में बसती है। – महात्मा गांधी
#60. मुझे लगता है कि संविधान व्यावहारिक है, लचीला है और देश को शांतिकाल और युद्धकाल में एक साथ रखने के लिए पर्याप्त मजबूत है।
दरअसल, अगर मैं ऐसा कहूं, अगर नए संविधान के तहत चीजें गलत हो जाती हैं, तो इसका कारण यह नहीं होगा कि हमारा संविधान खराब था। हमें जो कहना होगा वह यह है कि मनुष्य नीच था। – बी.आर. अम्बेडकर
#61. अब हर भारतीय को यह भूल जाना चाहिए कि वह राजपूत, सिख या जाट है। उसे याद रखना चाहिए कि वह एक भारतीय है। — सरदार पटेल
#62.- देने का साहस, अलग सोचने का साहस, अविष्कार करने का साहस, असंभव को खोजने का साहस, अज्ञात पथ पर यात्रा करने का साहस, ज्ञान बांटने का साहस, दर्द को दूर करने का साहस, अगम्य तक पहुंचने का साहस, साहस समस्याओं का मुकाबला करना और सफल होना युवाओं के गुण हैं। – डाक्टर ए.पी.जे. अब्दुल कलाम
#63.संविधान केवल वकीलों का दस्तावेज नहीं है, यह जीवन का वाहन है, और इसकी आत्मा हमेशा युग की भावना है। – बी.आर. अम्बेडकर
#64. कानून की पवित्रता तभी तक कायम रह सकती है जब तक वह लोगों की इच्छा की अभिव्यक्ति है – भगत सिंह
#65.आजादी दी नहीं जाती, ली जाती है। – सुभाष चंद्र बोस

#66.इतिहास की शुरुआत में भारत ने अपनी अंतहीन खोज की शुरुआत की, और ट्रैकलेस शताब्दियां उसके प्रयास और उसकी सफलता और उसकी असफलताओं की भव्यता से भरी हुई हैं।
अच्छे और बुरे भाग्य के माध्यम से, उसने [भारत] उस खोज को कभी नहीं खोया है या उन आदर्शों को नहीं भूला है जिन्होंने उसे ताकत दी थी। – जवाहर लाल नेहरू
#67.भारत में दो मिलियन देवता हैं, और उन सभी की पूजा करते हैं। धर्म में अन्य सभी देश कंगाल हैं; भारत अकेला करोड़पति है। – मार्क ट्वेन
#68.भारत में बहादुर युवकों और युवतियों की कोई कमी नहीं है और अगर उन्हें अवसर और मदद मिलती है तो हम अंतरिक्ष अन्वेषण में अन्य देशों के साथ प्रतिस्पर्धा कर सकते हैं और उनमें से एक उनके सपनों को पूरा करेगा। – अटल बिहारी वाजपेयी
#69.अगर मैं राष्ट्र की सेवा में मर भी गया तो मुझे इस पर गर्व होगा। मेरे खून की एक-एक बूंद… इस राष्ट्र के विकास और इसे मजबूत और गतिशील बनाने में योगदान देगी। – इंदिरा गांधी
#70.अगर फिर भी आपका खून नहीं खौलता, तो आपकी रगों में पानी बहता है. मातृभूमि की सेवा नहीं तो यौवन की क्या बात है। – चंद्रशेखर आजाद
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