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Baby girl safely surrendered in Mooresville Safe Haven Baby Box-EnglishHindiBlogs-News

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MORESVILLE — This week, a healthy baby girl was safely transferred to the Safe Haven Baby Box in Mooresville.

The box, located at the Mooresville Fire Department at 144 East State Road, was the 39th box installed by the organization in the United States.

Safe Haven Baby Boxes was founded by Monica Kelsey, who said health workers took the baby out of the box within one minute of being placed in the box.

Kelsey and the Mooresville Fire Department held a press conference Friday afternoon to share the news and provide an update on the baby. She said she was holding these press conferences to let mothers know they made the right choice and their baby is safe.

“We want you to know your baby is healthy, your baby is safe, and we got him out of here,” Kelsey said.

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The baby donated in Mooresville is the sixth baby donated in a baby box this year, and the fifth in Indiana.

“The Mooresville Fire Department is here to protect property and save lives. This crate gives our department another tool to do just that,” Mooresville Fire Chief Matt Dalton said during Friday’s press conference.

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Abandoned as an infant, Kelsey has dedicated her life to helping mothers in crisis and providing them with a safe and anonymous way to give up their children without fear of harassment or judgment.

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Since the first Safe Haven Baby box was installed in Indiana, 20 babies have been safely placed in the boxes. Across the country, the organization helped 117 people surrender after calling the Safe Haven Baby Box hotline.

There are currently 111 Safe Haven Baby Carriers available in Indiana, Ohio, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, and New Mexico. Click HERE is a list of all available baby box locations nationwide..

What is a Safe Haven baby box?

Baby boxes are secure incubators with alarm systems, so 911 is notified as soon as a baby is placed in them. Baby boxes also have heating and cooling functions.

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After the rescuers pick up the baby, he will be taken to the nearest medical facility for examination.

Safe Haven baby boxes

Infants surrendered under the Indiana Safe Haven Act are placed in the care of the State Department of Children’s Services upon discharge from the hospital. Then the process of finding a foster family begins within 30-45 days.

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Safe haven hotline

Boxes make the news, but the Safe Haven hotline is where most of these journeys begin.

SHBB has a 24-hour Safe Haven Helpline (1-866-99BABY1) where parents can talk to trained professionals for more information about opt-out options or how to get help to help them care for their child.

The SHBB hotline is staffed by licensed consultants.

The Safe Haven Act allows mothers to safely and anonymously give up their babies under 30 days of age.

Under the Safe Haven Act, parents have up to 30 days to change their mind after they have given up an infant.

The map below shows the location of all available Safe Haven Baby Crates in Indiana and nationwide.

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