🚀 Apple’s Mind-Blowing Event: iPhone 15 Pro Colors LEAKED? USB-C Port Surprise! 📱🔥

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iPhone 15 Pro: Apple has officially announced the date for its upcoming event, which was unveiled on a Tuesday. There is great anticipation surrounding the event as it is highly anticipated to mark the debut of the iPhone 15 lineup and the next iteration of the Apple Watch, among other significant announcements.

In its customary fashion, Apple has sent out invitations to the event that contain concealed hints about what will be revealed. For this year’s event, scheduled for September 12, the invitation is titled “Wonderlust” and features an animated Apple logo gradually fading away. The logo showcases shades of blue, black, silver, and grey.

Observant individuals were quick to speculate that these colors might correspond to the new color options for the iPhone 15 Pro models. Moreover, there are speculations that this animation might confirm the rumors about Apple transitioning from stainless steel to a titanium frame.

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Some enthusiasts have even pointed out the subtle presence of the letter “C” within the logo. This has led to conjecture that Apple could potentially be replacing its proprietary Lightning port with the USB Type-C port, which would be a notable shift after over a decade of the Lightning port’s prominence in iPhones and related accessories.

Looking back, Apple has a track record of embedding hints within its event invitations. In the year 2019, a multi-colored Apple logo in the invitation foreshadowed the introduction of new color choices for the iPhone 11 series. Similarly, in the year 2020, the tagline “Hi, Speed” hinted at the imminent 5G support, which was subsequently confirmed during the event. Apple’s influence often sets trends in the broader tech industry.

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Stepping into 2021, the theme of the event invitation, “California streaming,” along with a halo-themed Apple logo, alluded to the arrival of 120 Hz refresh rates, primarily for the Pro lineup. This feature, known as ProMotion, enhances the visual experience by delivering smoother graphics.

Interestingly, this year’s event invitation breaks from tradition by omitting an Augmented Reality (AR) Easter Egg. In previous years, these hidden AR elements were accessible on iOS devices. For instance, the event invitation for the 2020 “Time flies” event included an AR Easter Egg. Last year’s invitation for the “Far Out” event featured a star field animation, subtly hinting at the inclusion of satellite connectivity in the iPhone 14 models, enabling direct communication with satellites during emergencies.

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The event is scheduled to take place at the Steve Jobs Theatre within Apple Park in Cupertino, California. A select group of tech influencers and media representatives have received invitations for an in-person experience. Meanwhile, others can enjoy a live stream of the event starting at 10:30 pm IST on either Apple’s official website or its YouTube channel.

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