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After all, why are crocodile and crocodile tears false? There is an interesting reason behind the saying… -EnglishHindiBlogs-News

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Are Crocodile Tears Real: We have heard all such idioms and proverbs since childhood, which we also use indiscriminately, but do not know the real reason behind it. One of such proverbs is – Shedding Crocodile Tears. After all, what is so special in the tears of a crocodile and a crocodile, that their name is taken for shedding false tears? Do they always shed false tears or is there some other reason behind this saying.

The alligator tears proverb is used to confuse someone with false tears. Although every creature sheds tears when sad, but the tears of crocodile and alligator are more famous. Scientists also did research about it and some things came out in it, which clarifies this fact. If there is a saying of ‘crocodile tears’, then know the special reason behind it today.

Research on crocodile tears
Scientists did research on tears from humans to animals, then they came to know that everyone’s tears contain the same chemical and they come out of the tear duct. Tears come out from a special gland and they contain minerals and proteins. As far as crocodile tears are concerned, in 2006, neurologist D Malcolm Shaner and zoologist Kent A Vliet conducted research on American alligators. They were given food in a dry place away from water, so tears started coming out of their eyes while eating. A stream of bubbles and tears came out of his eyes. Giving the result of this study in Bio Science, it was said that crocodiles actually shed tears from their eyes while eating, which are not the result of any emotion.

After all, what is so special about the tears of a crocodile and a crocodile? (Credit- Pixabay)

difference between alligator and crocodile
Although both crocodile and crocodile shed tears while eating food, but there is a slight difference between these two. While the crocodile’s mouth is U-shaped and the jaw is wide, the crocodile’s mouth is V-shaped. The interesting thing is also that flies drink crocodile tears, because they contain enough protein and minerals. Now one more thing, alligators and crocodiles also have feelings and even when they are sad, they shed tears but only the liquid flowing from their eyes while eating defames them.

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