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Social media is full of posts and pictures. Where there are exciting videos related to wildlife, amazing stunts are also seen. Some have mastery in dance and some make commendable jugaads. In the midst of all this, some pictures are also presented as puzzles, which are called optical illusion challenges. These challenges are a game of the mind, which is not easy to cross, but even after being in front of the eyes, the picture spreads such an illusion that the eyes get deceived.

It is being claimed that a bird is sitting on the almost dry tree seen in the picture. But that bird is not visible to anyone. So the challenge is to find it. But even those who claimed to have keen eyesight were forced to annoy the bird.

The band rang to find the bird sitting on the tree
The viral picture is of a tree which must have been captured by someone in his camera at the right time. By the way, this picture must be looking very normal, nothing will be visible here except dry tree branches, but if you are told that a bird is also sitting on this tree, then you will be surprised. It is possible that some people may declare this claim as false, but surely there is such a bird sitting on this tree which has mixed with the color of the tree itself. This is the reason why the band of people’s mind rang while searching for that bird on the tree. Parinda was not seen by anyone despite doing a lot of mental exercise.

The bird confused by mixing in the color of the tree, it became difficult to see even in front

The bird confused by mixing in the color of the tree
For those who think that there is no bird on the tree, it is important to know that the bird is found in the same color as the tree itself, that is why it is not easily visible to anyone, but if someone has a sharp eye like a bet. If you look at the tree using your eyes and mind together, you will definitely get success and that bird will be seen which is sitting right in front of the picture.

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